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    i was dxd with mast cell disease last year and would love to speak with others who are experiencing the same as i.

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    mast cell disease, cypd genome deficiencies, psvt, fibromyalgia, cold induced uriticaria, raynauds, previous takatsubos cardiomyopathy.
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Sunday, 07 September 2014 19:56
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8 years ago
  • fluffette
    8 years ago

    Im so tired of being sick and affraid all of the time. I want to be well again. I have been sick for over twenty years now and im tired! Im tired of having to fight everyday to just stay alive. Im tired of having these stupid flares that make me terrified that im going to die from them. I want to be normal again! I want to feel like im not dying EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! PLEASE...

    Maff Welcome flufette - we're so sorry to read of your suffering but know that you are not alone. All of us here are sick (many for decades like you) and can relate to your fear. There is reason to be hopeful however, many of us have recovered completely or at least are able to live happy and rewarding lives again. It's often a case of changing the way we look at ourselves, those around us and our lives. Once we have hope again we can start to heal and the medical stuff slots into place. We're with you all the way!
    8 years ago 1

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