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    chronically ill for the last 12 years, combination of bad genes, high levels of environmental metals and infectious microbes exposures.

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    chronic illness
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Saturday, 26 September 2015 12:21
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7 years ago
  • johnwane created a new topic ' Dysfunction in converting Cysteine to Taurine' in the forum.
    7 years ago

    HI Maff and others, first of all thank you all for your extremely insightful information and everyone's posts. I have many neuro burning issues so excuse my typing and if thoughts are somewhat...

  • Maff johnwane
    7 years ago

    Hi John, you're most welcome for the information. I've have to study hard to help myself with my own health issues so it would be a crime not to pass on the knowledge and experience gained! Looks like you're just posting on your profile page. You can start a new forum thread (with subject). Main Menu (top of every page) -> Support -> EiR Forums -> Choose a Category - > Click 'New Topic'. BW, Maff

  • johnwane
    7 years ago

    Sorry folks as I said my brain and eyes are areal mess in terms of thinking through things. I cant seem to find how to access my post, other than see the summary posts, first few lines. It seems I did not post properly with a heading, I am I am not off to a good start Is there a way I can edit and post in with a heading or something. It seems like I am in no mans land
    Thanks all

  • johnwane
    7 years ago

    HI matt and others, first of all thank you for your extremely insightful information. I have many neuro issues so excuse my typing and if thoughts are somewhat disconnected

    You had posted some incredibly concise information on how sulfur and hence cysteine feeds yeast, so here are my questions and apologies for their detail

    A) I have a seeming genetic issue relating to what you posted as...

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