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Tuesday, 27 January 2009 12:05
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  • Wood thanks user 'Kcall07' in the forum message ' My MCS has vanished'.
    4 years ago
  • Wozza thanks user 'Kcall07' in the forum message ' Update on Mcs recovery'.
    4 years ago
  • WendyPP1 Kcall07
    4 years ago

    Hello Kcall07. I came across your information last night and I'm very impressed and very happy to have found it. I suffer from Severe MCS for 10 years, have a Nickel and Cobalt Allergy. I saw my doctor today printing off your information and my doctor asked what was the name of the Anti-Psychotic Medication you had used? If you could please let us know I would appreciate it. Thank you so much...

    Braff Hi Wendy. I too have been reading KCall's posts and considering his approach. The drug he refers to is "amisulpride." Search for that word so you can read all his posts about it, dosage, side effects, etc.
    Not available in the US, but with a scrip, I was able to order it from Canada easily. Good luck.
    4 years ago
  • Ardyth thanks user 'Kcall07' in the forum message ' My MCS has vanished'.
    5 years ago
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