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Monday, 23 February 2009 19:00
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  • Its been a while since my last entry. I had nothing to report except various chemical exposures before christmas which wiped out 9 days of my life and another four pounds off my already pathetic 7st 10lb frame.  I think I qualify as size zero...
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  • I have had the results of mineral analysis. I have yet to have nutrioninst follow up this will be Friday. Initial results low Mg. K(None), Cu, Mn  and probably zinc. "probably zinc?" Not very scietific I know but Its in my s...
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  • I just wanted to pinch and punch someone this morning. . .sometimes its  just the little things like the loneliness of this disease can get to y0u. . .or was it my vicious streak! . .anyway... Today was my first accidental chemical expo...
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  • Well its day 2 of gluten and dairy free and I have to admit I feel pretty awful shakey, feverish, head ache, indigestion, poor breathing, extremely swollen head painful muscles etc. But its different and  have to say worse than the usual fuzz...
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  • Well I am very positive after nearly 2 hours with  a nutritionalist and has agreed and identified my toxic overload by a sympton question and answer (no surprises there then)  - but its  some one who understands,  is more than ...
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