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    I am a retired professor of social work, have served in public office and am currently a writer. I am a widow and have one adult child and no grandchildren. While I have the desire and ability to serve in public office again, I cannot due to my environmental disability.

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    I have been suffering with chemical sensitivity in the form of mast cell activation disorder for five years. It affects the mast cells in my intestine.
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Thursday, 17 November 2016 22:50
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6 years ago
  • WendyPP1 Ardyth
    5 years ago

    Good evening Ardyth.
    My name is Wendy and I have severe MCS and I was wondering if you got an answer from Kcall07 regarding the name of the anti-psychotic medical he used. I would love the name as well, I really want to try it. please leet me know if you know.
    Thank you so much for your time.

  • Ardyth replied to Candida and Auto-Brewery Syndrome
    6 years ago
    Well, what do you know! Way back in 1979 I did some research by asking surveying eight other sets of parents of kids with autism. I asked them if...
  • Ardyth Surviving Multiple Chemical Sensitivity!
    6 years ago

    I am new here. I read that "detoxing" may help an attack. I am in a bad one. Had to cancel nearly all my plans this week. How do I go about detoxing? All help is much appreciated!

  • Ardyth replied to the topic 'My MCS has vanished' in the forum.
    6 years ago

    Which anti-psychotic med did you take? I would not link to the article.

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