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    Chemical Sensitivity to scented Detergents and Perfumes is driving me crazy. I am lucky to be able to control my place of work as I am the boss but life outside work is ruled by this condition.

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    I can pick up the smallest scent that others don't even perceive and it makes me ill. But I had an experience recently which makes me think there is a way out. I was recovery from a cold, I was at the stage where you feel ok but your nose is blocked. I went to public event and stood very close to a lady that was dowsed in perfume and ..NOTHING happened. I did not feel sick - I didn't tremble - I was just fine. My colleague who was with me stared at me in disbelief and kept saying 'Are you ok?' She has seen me when I have a reaction to perfume and she could not believe her eyes. I always assumed that the chemicals I react to are lethal for everybody and it was just my healthy living lifestyle that made me sensitive to it. I must have inhaled all that perfume - so it got into my body and nothing happened. It is obviously a neurological pathway that gets triggered by smell alone. I had tried the Gupta Programme - that's fine if you got all day to meditate and if you can cope with the cult like admiration of the guy - it put me off and I managed to get my money back. I follow the Genotype Diet by Dr D'Adamo and my type the 'Teacher' has a tendency to a lack in a certain liver enzyme which would explain the detox problem. Strangely this enzyme production is stimulated by alcohol - but I stopped drinking a few years ago as it gave me palpitations. There is also a genotype which he calls the 'Explorer' who are prone to chemical sensitivity. I see on your site that someone wants to know if there is a blood group connect. There is and there isn't - the genotype diet is the follow-on to the blood type diet and whereas most Genotypes can only be one or two blood types an 'Explorer' can be any blood type. I am glad I found this site as it offers some real intelligent solutions and I am looking forward to finding my cure. I have got a some questions and look forward to getting some answers on the forum.
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Saturday, 08 July 2017 22:19
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  • Gabi replied to the topic 'Do fumes from carpets linger after removal?' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Dear Maff
    Do you have any more ideas re carpet?
    I need to do something and cannot think of anything else apart from ripping out the carpet - would just love to know if that may work...
    Please let me...

  • Gabi replied to the topic 'Do fumes from carpets linger after removal?' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Hi Maff
    So glad to get an answer. The carpets are still down. I spent two hours in the house with a double mask on this morning hovering up sodium bicarbonate which has been down for three days - made...

  • Gabi created a new topic ' Do fumes from carpets linger after removal?' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Has anyone got any experience in this: I am worried of going through the expense of taking out the new carpet only to find that the fumes remain in the house?

    I had carpet fitted to three bedrooms...

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