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    I am a retired electrician. I have had MCS for 12 years

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    MCS, fibromyalgia, migraines,hypoglycemic,
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Tuesday, 24 October 2017 12:37
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5 years ago
  • RJ16220 commented on a review for Taurine Try grass fed whey powder from : Natural Force

  • RJ16220
    5 years ago

    HI,, I found this very interesting. It seems that porphyria maybe the cause of numerous health problems. I got MCS after a toxic load of mercury from eating fish. (do not eat any fish!). It triggered a P450 enzymes over reaction. Excess porphyrins can make a person very sick and allergic. Now that I am turned on, my body makes to much porphyrins.

    This over reaction is a genetic problem...

  • RJ16220 added a new comment in Silver bullet for cancer: Metal can kill some tumours better than chemotherapy with fewer side effects
    5 years ago

    Cancer is not a disease, it is a symptom of a weakened cell & a weak immune system response. 1) To drive cancer away get detoxed.2) Get 30 min. of UVB rays everyday by the sun or light bulb.3) Work out with weights 3 times a week. 4) Get nutritio

  • RJ16220 added a new comment in Welcome to MCS: Time to Look at Your Flooring in a Different Light
    5 years ago

    I use milk paint over bare wood sub flooring. I paint Faux style patterns that look like marble. Then I coat it with SAFE COAT sealant. Looks & wears great. Also cheaper than buying flooring.

  • kimberly thanks user 'RJ16220' in the forum message ' Non-toxic mattress'.
    5 years ago
  • Eriketo thanks user 'RJ16220' in the forum message ' Non-toxic mattress'.
    5 years ago
  • RJ16220 replied to the topic 'Non-toxic mattress' in the forum.
    5 years ago

    I use a barrier cloth from
    it covers the whole mattress top & sides. Janice's has a lot of good stuff for MCS people. Their sheets & pillow cases have some chemical in them that...

  • RJ16220
    5 years ago

    DMPS dangerous.. My EI doctor wanted to give me an IV of DMPS. I told him that I was concerned that it would ruin my kidneys. He was insistant to use it. I said I would have to talk to my attorney first. He backed down. DMPS removes heavy metals way to fast. It toke a long time to get the metals in your body so it needs to take time to get them out. I used low dose DMSA & a green drink (from...

  • RJ16220 added a new comment in Increase Glutathione: 5 ways to restore this major antioxidant and detoxifier to healthy levels
    5 years ago

    Glutathione supplements do not absorb at all. (except one type). IV treatment is useless because Glutathione is to large of a molecule to enter into the cells. (even though it is in the blood stream) You must use the oral form of S-Acetl Glutathione

    Eriketo Thank you. This is helpful to me.
    5 years ago
  • RJ16220
    5 years ago

    Candida & tooth cure. The best way to treat Candida is to take virgin coconut oil. I use it everyday & my mold allergies have disappeared. It also is great for tooth decay & rebuilding. I use to get 2 cavities a year.( going to the dentist is a nightmare for people with MCS.) now I do my own teeth cleaning c . I do not get cavities any more. It is called "Oil Pulling"

    Eriketo I also have had excellent results from oil pulling. Hardly anything for the dentist to scrape off after 3 years of not seeing a dentist at all!
    5 years ago

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