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    I am on here fighting for my wife angelas health

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    my current health is fine but my wife has severe mcs
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Tuesday, 04 February 2020 20:17
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3 years ago
  • mcsfriend Annie Hopper's Dynamic Neural Retraining System
    3 years ago

    Hi We have ordered the dvd set but due to covid 19 they have not turned up was wondering if anyone has no use for theres now or anyone has a set could lend my wife as she is extremley poorly with mcs/es wanted to get started but without the dvd,s coming or lost in post i was wondering if anyone would lend there set or we could purchase some at a secondhand price from anyone she is very severe...

    Maff Unfortunately, things are a little more complicated than I thought. My sister loaned the DVDs to a friend who is currently using them. The best I can do is see if we can get them back ASAP for you. Hopefully the ones you ordered will arrive very soon however. I spoke to one of the DNRS organisation last week and they are processing orders and shipping as usual so should turn up any day now. I'll continue to do my best at my end in case they don't. Sorry if I raised your hopes too high, I hadn't spoken to my sister to find out the details. Fingers crossed on your order and stay in touch. Very best wishes to your wife and yourself, Maff.
    3 years ago
  • mcsfriend Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Support
    3 years ago

    Hi my wife is trying out liquid ldn and has started for a week on one mil she has been having problems with switching her fight and flight off as she calls it anyways the naltrexone seems to to making her symtoms worse so she has decided to stop after five days Itold her it may get worse before things get better whats she is asking is this drug also supposed to dapen down your fight and flight...

  • mcsfriend replied to the topic 'severe mcs /es and food intolerances' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    can you recommend a good mcs/es practioner which goes into great depths etc than most doctors

  • mcsfriend replied to the topic 'severe mcs /es and food intolerances' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Angela is asking have you personally taken DHEA

  • mcsfriend created a new topic ' nuerologist' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Hi can anyone recommmend one of these doctors in the uk that deals with severe mcs/chemical brain injuries

    any response on this site would be helpful

  • mcsfriend created a new topic ' severe mcs /es and food intolerances' in the forum.
    3 years ago

    Hi all new to Maff,s site
    my wife has had severe mcsfor many years nowsince started from getting a chemical exsposure at work a dry cleaning chemical called perclethorylene, now banned as...

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