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U-Mask Anti Pollution Mask and Bio Respirator Maff Hot
Written by Maff     February 07, 2018    
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U-mask | The First Anti-pollution Mask Better than N95 or N99 Respirators

Featured on The Discovery Channel and in Wired, GQ & Glamour

The Only Mask You'll Ever Need
Forget the days when wearing a air pollution mask made you look like a freak. Today you can choose between a huge selection of beautiful designs if you are looking for a dust mask or an allergy mask.

U-MASK Exclusive Design
Discover U-mask revoltutionary Bio-activeTM layer and how it can guarantee the best protection ever seen. much more than a usual respirator mask.

The Highest Protection Mask In The World
The science of biotechnology and layering come together to create the highest stardard protection, better than a N99 or N95 face mask. Not to mention a surgical mask! 100%

Made In Italy In A Pure Air Factory
U-mask is the result of a team work of biotechnology scientists, fashion designers and pollution masks manufacturers from the USA, Italy and Switzerland.


What if U-mask does not fit perfectly tight on the face ? Will pollution enter?

No, U-mask will protect you anyway. The principle behind U-mask is different from the other masks on the market.

U-earth biotechnologies (the technology behind u-mask) is a company leader in professional air purification through biotechnology. (see

The technology is based on attraction by electrical molecular charge ( not ventilation ) and destruction of the captured contaminants by bio-oxidation. They have published several scientific studies on the efficiency of the technology in capturing and destroying every kind of air contaminants through AIRcel bioreactors which work with water, air flow and a proprietary biotech compound of harmless microorganism calle U-Ox which digests the pollution. ​

The same biophysical attraction principle of AIRcel air purifiers has been applied to U-mask.

Unlike the other masks on the market which rely on avoiding leakage since the air in order to be treated HAS to pass through nothing more than a number of fabric layers hoping the ultra fine particles will remain physically entrenched in the fabric ( which they do but only for the largest ones), U-mask created an "electrostatic field" around it, recreating the conditions of the air purifiers. ​

The water comes from the breath humidity and the flow from the inhale/exhale process which activates the internal Bio-activated layer.

The result of this combination of elements is that the micro organisms generate a very tight polymeric field neutrally charged, which attract by electrical molecular charge the superfine contaminants, like a magnet would do with iron dust, traps them in and destroys them by bio oxidation, leaving behind the indigestible elements ( this is why the refill will eventually get saturated and has to be changed ).

Therefore, going back to the leakage concern, IF the superfine particles manage to enter the inside of the mask, instead of being more naturally attracted to the external, they will travel to the internal mask surface, thus not directing to the airways.

Learn more at

Buy U-mask | Anti Pollution Face Mask & Bio Respirator

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