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Siesta Flash Streamer Maff Hot
Written by Maff     September 09, 2008    
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The Siesta Flash Streamer air purifier uses a unique 8-stage air purification process which safely removes particulates, micro-organisms and chemicals including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The unit is therefore suitable for those suffering from chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma and just those wanting cleaner air and less exposure to disease causing organisms.


How it works:


Dirty air enters the unit.

Stage 1. The Pre-filter captures large dust particles and pet hair. Germs are removed by the Catechin component of this filter, an anti-bacterial substance derived from tea leaves.
Stage 2. The next stage is the Bio-antibody filter. This gauze-like filter
acts by disabling airborne viruses. They are absorbed by this filter and
then quickly removed.
Stage 3. The Plasma Ioniser positively charges dust and pollen particles
so that they stick to the negatively charged electrostatic filter.
Stage 4. High speed electrons are generated by the Flash Streamer Discharge Unit. These electrons powerfully break down odours and pollutants such as exhaust gas, diesel exhaust particles and VOCs (including formaldehyde) into harmless by-products.
Stage 5. The negatively charged Electrostatic Dust Collection filter absorbs positively charged dust and pollen and collects odours.
Stage 6. The Titanium Apatite (a mineral compound) on the other side of filter 5 now breaks down the odours collected on the front side. Bacteria, mould spores and viruses are also absorbed and thoroughly removed.
Stage 7. The final filter is the Streamer Deodourising Catalyst. Odours
are powerfully removed by the synergistic effect of the Flash Streamer, deodourising the air and decomposing any final remaining harmful elements.
Stage 8. The purified air finally passes through the fan and back into
the room.



Other information:

  • Room size: up to 48m2
  • Silent on Automatic setting. This setting detects level of allergens in the air and adjusts fan speed accordingly
  • Remote control
  • Available in two colour options
  • Power consumption 8-55w
  • Measures 53.3x42.5x21.2cm
  • Weighs 8.7kg
  • One year guarantee
  • British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval
  • Air flow is 60m3 per hour on Automatic and up to 420m3 per hour on Turbo setting





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