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The Link Between Asthma and Allergies




Businessman using an asthma inhaler

Though it may seem like common sense to some, many people do not know the impact that Allergies can have on Asthma suffers. As I previously discussed in my article “Spring allergies arrive early and threaten to be severe”, the season that spells doom for many allergy sufferers Spring, is arriving early this year.

So, what is Allergic Asthma?

With figures showing that over 25 million Americans suffer from Asthma, the numbers also show that 60% of these people have Allergic Asthma, making it the most common form of Asthma. So it is rather surprising that many people think Asthma is simply running out of breath while exercising (this could be due to movie portrayal of people with Asthma?).

However, the symptoms of Allergic Asthma are the same as non-Allergic Asthma, for example the most common is shortness of breath and/or wheezing. This wheezing is not the fun type of wheezing you get from finding a great AFL betting tips site, it’s the not fun at all type that can cause distress.

Allergic Asthma simply means that an allergen will trigger an Asthma attack. These Allergens cause your immune systems to react as it feels your body is under attack. The immune system then releases Immunoglobulin E as a defence, which cause inflammation and swelling in the sufferer’s lungs. This is then the trigger for an Allergy Asthma sufferer’s asthma attack.

Testing for Allergic Asthma

Unless you have had a specific attack to some substance in the past, you will not know what could cause an asthma attack. Allergic Asthma sufferers should visit a doctor for a skin or blood test to check what exactly they are allergic to. These tests will show what you are allergic or what season you can expect your allergies to flare up in.

Possible Allergic Asthma Triggers

While you must get tested to know for sure what you are allergic to, here we list some of the most common triggers. Knowing your exact allergens will help you eliminate or reduce them from your life and make asthma attacks a less common occurrence.


Dust mites – to small to see with the naked eye, these tiny creatures are fund in mattresses, pillows, carpets and other types of fabrics in your home. Dust mites feed on the skin we humans shed every day, so if you are allergic, ensure you keep your pillows and mattresses as clean as possible.

Cockroaches – the common cockroach is bad enough but being allergic to it adds an extra layer of horror. The faecal matter, body parts and saliva of cockroaches is believed to cause allergens, so always try to keep these pests out of your home.

Mold – this is one of the most common allergens out there, as simply adding moisture to an environment can result in mold growing. Mold produces tiny spores to spread and grow, these spores are easily made airborne – so cause endless trouble for allergic asthma sufferers. Try ensure any leaks in your home are attended to immediately and if you go into the great outdoors for fun, make sure you carry your asthma pump as mold occurs abundantly in nature.

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