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Chelation Works for Autism





by Lourdes Salvador
MCS America



Medical research is controlled by pharmaceutical companies. This plight results in many biomedical interventions being disregarded and understudied in favor of frequently biased studies of pharmaceutical drugs designed to treat and manage disease rather than cure it.


No group knows this better than the parents of children with autism. Nearly every child with autism has a parent behind him/her that can attest to the child’s receipt of a vaccination immediately prior to the first signs of autism being exhibited. Yet we are routinely told it’s just a “coincidence”. Yet, drugs with far less efficacy than vaccines have at inducing autism are routinely approved and said to be efficacious.


Nothing speaks louder than the recent cancellation of a study of chelation as a treatment for autism. Parents who have tried chelation resoundingly agree that it has greatly helped their autistic child. Over 74% report improvements, such as a return of speech and cessation of antisocial behaviors.


A Center’s for Disease Control (CDC) study was recently cancelled on the basis of being “unethical” and “unproven”. At a closer look, everything scientists study is unproven. That’s why scientists do. They prove things through studies. The unethical claim is merely a smoke screen created by industry to cover their true intent.


An average of 30% of twenty-six thousand parents surveyed independently report that their child experienced some improvement from pharmaceutical drugs. There are no reports of cures from such treatment. Another 30% of children become worse with drug treatments. Drug therapy clearly is of little value.


Yet, 74% of parents report chelation has improved their child. Only 3% reported a worsening of the child’s condition from chelation. Clearly chelation has a far better track record than pharmaceutical interventions.


The real reason behind the cancellation of the CDC study was industry exerted pressure. Curing autism is not in industry’s best interests. First, it would lay the blame on those who produce and use mercury, including vaccine makers who use thimerosal as a preservative. Second, if chelation cures autism, the pharmaceutical companies would be out millions of dollars for drugs they sell as lifelong treatment for the seizures and behavior disorders common to autism. The financial stakes are high for industry.


Also well-received on the parents’ list of helpful biomedical interventions:

Vitamin B12 shots - 67%

Oral Vitamin B12 - 61%

Gluten and Casein Free Diet - 66%

Specific Carbohydrate Diet - 69%


It is interesting to observe that the above four helpful interventions are also used to treat the effects of mercury poisoning, further lending to the evidence that autism may be helped by chelation. How can parents help?


Tips for Parents

  • Speak up and spread the word. There is power in numbers.
  • Petition the CDC and your elected officials to reconsider.
  • Seek out the treatment you feel is best for your child.
  • Research, research, research.
  • Don’t believe everything you are told by a third party.
  • Examine source documents for yourself.
  • Never give up!


Source Reference:

Autism Research Institute. Parent Ratings of Behavioral Effects of Biomedical Interventions. ARI Publ. 34/Feb. 2008. Retrieved on September 22, 2008 from:

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