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Candida: Common As A Headache





by Jeanne Marie Martin


(Originally published in Balance Life magazine)


As a matter of fact, most headaches stem from a Candida problem. These common microscopic yeast when clumped together, form such health problems as: dandruff, athlete’s foot, jock itch, vagina discharge, phlegm, coated white tongue, thrush and colic. Candida albicans yeast, one of several hundred types of yeast, can also be found internally in every part of the body from the brain to the heart to the lungs to the outer extremities. More than 90% of North Americans will have problems with Candida more than once in their lives. The over 100 side effects of Candidiasis include: headaches, allergies, digestive problems, depression (sometimes severe), skin rashes, PMS, constipation, weight gain, sexual problems and more.

TV ads boast of one-day cures for “feminine yeast problems” with no awareness or mention that Candida can be passed back and forth sexually by both the woman and the man! Nor do the makers of the ads realize or perhaps they prefer not to tell you that a vaginal yeast infection is merely one external sign of a chronic internal yeast overgrowth problem.

Candida was considered a “non-existent disease” i.e. “it’s-all-in-your-head,” until OMNI and TIME magazines wrote about it over a decade ago. However, it is still not considered a “real disease” by most traditional allopathic medical doctors. Interestingly enough, due to extensive research and writing my 500-page book: COMPLETE CANDIDA YEAST GUIDEBOOK written with Dr. Zoltan Rona (a holistic medical doctor from Toronto), I have discovered that Candida is not a typical disease per says – it is more often a side effect of the body being “out-of-balance.

How does the body get out-of-balance? Common causes include: vitamin and mineral deficiencies and overabundances, toxic heavy metal overload, hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, overeating sugars and starches, toxic chemical and preservative overload, excessive alcohol or cigarette intake, antibiotic and drug intake, chronic parasite infestation, viral and bacterial infection and more.

Some people treat chronic Candida for years and never heal it! Why? Because they never get to the real root of the problem. The aforementioned underlying causes can make Candida yeast problems go on – indefinitely – even for years or decades.

Unless underlying body imbalances that cause Candida are discovered and corrected, Candida cannot be healed! Once underlying causes are removed, Candida can always be healed in about two months (sometimes up to six months for very chronic cases).

The only other major reason Candida is not always healed is that people do not take the proper treatments for them and/or they cheat on the required diet that is necessary to diminish the Candida yeast. Some people take treatment – killing the yeast, then eat sweets – feeding the yeast. They: kill – feed, kill – feed and make little or no progress in the business of healing. One must learn about proper treatments and diet and how to make sure Candida does not reoccur.

See my Candida book for more information and see your holistic medical doctor or naturopath as well.

Candida can be cured – once and for all. The key is understanding exactly how to treat it and doing whatever is required to bring the body into balance. It does take work, but is definitely worth the effort. Take it from me, I suffered from chronic Candida for decades and now enjoy the best health of my life. You can heal your Candida!

JEANNE MARIE MARTIN is a clinical nutritionist with over 25 years experience and the author of 13 cooking, health and nutrition books including YOUR NATURAL MEDICINE CHEST and VEGAN DELIGHTS. For free recipes, books and information, see her web site at:

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