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Treatment of Systemic Candidiasis





Part 2 of a two-part review (Part 1)


by Dr. George Georgiou


DIAGNOSIS of Candida albicans is primarily on clinical grounds. Since almost everyone has Candida in their bodies, tests for its presence are useless; and confirmation of overgrowth through laboratory tests is diffi cult. Allergy tests are also ineffectual as Candida is able to neutralise the immune system against any response to it.

Furthermore, the results of the yeast imbalance – the combined effects of different hormones, poisons generated and released by the yeast into the bloodstream, and the confusion created in the immune system – produces such a wide variety of symptoms, which may seem unrelated (such as wheezing, depression and fungal infection under fingernails) that a definite diagnosis cannot be made from any specific pattern of signs and symptoms.
Conclusive laboratory tests have not yet been developed, even though there are a number of tests that can help in the diagnosis.
The patient’s history and symptoms are usually the key to arriving at a diagnosis, and Dr Crook’s Candida Questionnaire is extremely helpful as it enables the patient to score their symptoms and arrive at a number – anything above 180 for women, and 140 for men is highly significant and represents the majority of symptoms that relate to this condition. In my practice I use Vega Biodermal screening. When an ampoule of pathogenic Candida is placed in the honeycomb of the Vega Expert and the probe placed on an acupoint of a finger, it is very clear when a patient “resists” as the conductivity drops.
What I have also found time and again in more than 1,500 Candida patients that I have tested to date is that not only do they register positive to Candida, but also to all other yeast families such as yeast, mushrooms, and fermented products involving yeast such as wine, beer and vinegar products. I have found the Vega to be a useful diagnostic device that can answer a lot of questions that more traditional laboratory testing cannot. Another method of testing for Candida is to use Autonomic Response Testing (ART), a form of kinesiological muscle testing, developed by a German neurologist Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD,PhD.


Case histories

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding the topic of Candida, and I am the first to agree that we do not have all the answers. One thing that I have witnessed in clinical practice, however, is the astounding recovery that many of these so called Candidiasis patients make when placed on a Candida Treatment Protocol.

When systemic Candidiasis is treated, many different skin problems clear up, as well as chronic sinusitis, joint pains, cheloid or scar formations, cracked hands, chronic coughs and sore throats of many years standing, chronic thrush and vaginal discharge, headaches and migraines, chronic fatigue or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and many others with atypical symptoms that were labelled as “idiopathic”.
One cannot claim that the common yeast, Candida albicans, is the cause of all these problems. However, in my experience when Candida is one of the underlying causes of these health problems, they are not resolved unless the Candida is eradicated first.
It makes sense to eliminate other underlying causes as well, such as heavy metals and parasites – see my article in the British Naturopathic Journal, 2007, 24, 1 “A Natural Heavy Metal Chelator is Born: It’s Use in Paediatric Cases”. Some practitioners of Biological Medicine believe that systemic Candidiasis is a result of the internal mileau, and that if you clean up this toxic internal mileau then the Candida will retreat.
This is not my experience, as I have seen many clients that have spent weeks detoxifying, doing liver and gall bladder cleanses, colon hydrotherapy, being on an optimum diet, taking tons of supplements but still had Candida years later upon testing. I have even seen a couple of patients that went through the full Gerson programme and still had systemic Candidiasis. In my opinion, to be successful at eradicating this pathogen, then one must kill the pathogen using natural anti fungal remedies, while at the same time cleaning up the internal mileau. One must also try to convert the pathogenic, mycelial Candida back to the normal budding yeasts – this is a crucially important step often missed by many practitioners of natural medicine. The only remedies that can do this successfully are the Sanum isopathic fungal remedies developed by Professor Enderlein after many years of experimentation using darkfield microscopy.
Many physicians now believe that a clinical trial for Candida overgrowth is of so little risk and expense that it should be considered in any chronic illness.
One clinical trial a person may try is to avoid certain foods for five days that are known to facilitate the growth of yeast. Such foods include the following:

•Sugar and simple carbohydrates, such as found in all sweetened food, including the use of honey, molasses, sorghum, maple syrup, sugar, fructose, maltose, dextrose and corn syrup.
•Yeast products, such as beer, wine, yeast-leavened bread, natural B vitamins, brewer’s yeast.
• Fermented and mould foods, such as mushrooms, cheese, vinegar, mustard, catsup, relish and other condiments made with vinegar.

After avoiding these foods for five days, the patient can try adding them back into the diet in large quantities. By observing how they feel while off these foods, in comparison to any adverse affects experienced when going back on the foods, one may get a clue as to any possible yeast involvement as a causative factor for any adverse symptoms.

If adverse symptoms are provoked by a return to the yeast enhancing foods, there is at least a possible reason to suspect Candida overgrowth, which may then warrant more definitive action. This may not be the best method, but if you are not a Vega practitioner or use any other form of screening that taps into the autonomic nervous system, then this may be a good way to start.

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Candida Treatment Protocol

Patients frequently report that they feel better while they are on the treatment programme, but that when they stop many of the old symptoms return, sometimes after a few weeks or months. Why is this the case? In my experience, I believe that it is impossible to kill all the pathogenic Candida organisms in the body tissues and organs – these are the mycelial or rhizoid forms, not the normal budding forms that cause no symptoms. So as the patient takes the various antifungals, some of the pathogenic forms will be killed off, but even if a small percentage remains, they would quickly proliferate as soon as the patient goes back to a normal diet. It will be only a few weeks before symptoms return again in force – this is classically what happens with cases of vaginal thrush.

One factor that I consider to be unique in this treatment protocol that took more than 10 years to develop is the use of the Sanum Isopathic remedies that can convert the pathogenic forms of Candida back to their normal, budding forms. The treatment protocol that I have used successfully for a number of years, has fi ve basic objectives:

1. First, starve the Candida by eliminating the foods mentioned above that feed it.
2. Second, kill the Candida through the use of anti-Candida products mentioned below.
3. Repopulate the bowel fl ora with a high-potency GG-probiotic such as Culturelle that contains 30 billion live bacteria and has been well researched in university trials.
4. Regulate the dysbiosis and convert the pathological, mycelial form of Candida back to the normal form by the use of Sanum remedies (see details below).
5. Restore biochemical balance to the body and strength to the immune system, which will allow the body once again to regain and maintain control over Candida growth by optimising the diet – this would involve avoiding food intolerances and following the Metabolic Type Diet by Wolcott. Also kill off other parasites using Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse or similar, and begin chelating heavy metals out of the system.


Killing Candida

It is practically impossible to treat Candida without cutting out all forms of sugar, including fructose from fruit sources for a period of three months. The foods that should be strictly avoided for a three-month period include:

1. Sugar – and all foods that contain sugar, including white and brown sugar, honey, syrups, liquors, lactose, fructose, all confectionary and sweet cakes, chocolates, ice-creams, homemade sweets and cakes, biscuits, fi zzy beverages, all fruit drinks.
2. Yeast – and all foods that contain yeast, including breads, vinegar, ketchups, mayonnaise and pickles.
3. Fresh and dried fruit – all fruit whether fresh, cooked, tinned or dried. All dried fruits and fruit juices should be avoided for the full three months, but fresh fruit can be avoided for the initial six weeks only. This includes fresh fruit juices (vegetable juices are OK), as well as marmalades.
4. Mushrooms – all types, including Chinese mushrooms such as Shitake.
5. Refined foods – all white flours, white rice, white pasta products, cornflour, custard and white cereal products, unless they are wholemeal or organic.
6. Fermented products – all alcoholic beverages, vinegar and all vinegar products such as ketchup, mayonnaise and pickles.
7. Nuts – all types of nuts that are cleaned and packaged without their shells – these have a tendency to collect fungal spores and moulds from the atmosphere which will antagonise the Candida. Nuts that are fresh with their shells are OK.

Most other foods are allowed.

Meanwhile, there are other nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathics that are given, as follows:

1. Kandidaplex – a doctor-formulated compound that contains Berberine, undecylenic acid, biotin, sorbic acid, citrus seed extract and Pau D’Arco – two caps tds.
2. Horopito (practitioner-strength) – a New Zealand herbal product which contains two powerful anti-fungal agents that have been shown to kill Candida – Pseudowinterata colorata and the synergistic herb Aniseed which boosts effectiveness six-fold – one cap bds.
3. Caprylic acid (600mg), a derivative of coconut which stops the Candida reproducing as well as killing the Candida, 1 tab tds.
4. Candida 30c homeopathic – two pillules or one cap tds for two weeks only. These are stopped just as the Sanum remedies are begun.
5. Culturelle – a powerful GG human strain of probiotics containing 30 billion live bacteria per capsule, in order to repopulate the ailing fl ora of the gut. Dose: One capsule per day.
6. A good-quality multivitamin.

All the above are continued for three months, with the exception of the Candida 30c. After two weeks of the anti-Candida diet, the Sanum remedies are introduced as follows:

1. Mucokehl D5 tabs – 1 tab twice weekly.
2. Pefrakehl D4 caps – 1 cap twice weekly.
3. Notakehl D5 tabs – 1 tab twice weekly.
4. Fortakehl D5 tabs – 1 tab twice weekly.
5. Nigersan D5 tabs – 1 tab twice weekly.
6. Albicansan D4 caps – 1 cap twice weekly.

If there is vaginal discharge, or anal Candida, then vaginal or anal suppositories of Albicansan D3 must also be used to eliminate this topical infection. These can be used every second day last thing at night after sex.

These are continued for about 10 weeks until the end of the Candida protocol. It is wise to begin the Sanum remedies two weeks after beginning the general protocol in order to allow a considerable portion of the Candida to die off, and to reduce the severity of the Herxheimer reaction. Fruit can be re-introduced back into the diet six weeks after the beginning of the Candida diet, which is equivalent to four weeks after the beginning of the Sanum remedies.
All capsules and tablets should be taken before or away from food and should not be taken together as they clash. Follow the simple table of how and when to take the Sanum remedies. Open the capsules and pour the powder that they contain under the tongue and allow it to absorb for about a minute. The tablets can be dissolved in the mouth slowly.


Herxheimer reactions

Depending on the severity of Candida overgrowth and the amount of the agents taken, the Candida can be killed off in vast numbers very quickly. As they are killed, they release substances that are toxic to the body. If this process occurs faster than the toxins can be cleared from the bloodstream referred to as “die off”).

Usually die off lasts only a few hours, though it can last several days. It can usually be controlled almost entirely by the amount of ingestion of the agent and the rate or frequency it is taken. Signs of Herxheimer reaction can be many and varied but generally involve such discomfort as aching, bloating, dizzines, nausea, and overall “goopy sick” feeling, or a worsening of original symptoms. Fortunately, die off is generally short in duration, and although uncomfortable, is at least a confirmation of the presence of Candida and that something “good” is happening.
Exercise, as well as ensuring proper, daily bowel evacuation, has been reported as being helpful in countering the adversities of die off. Maintaining a high daily intake of pure water is also important to keep the channels of elimination open. It may be possible to slow down these symptoms, many of which are caused by acetaldehyde, one of the main toxins produced by yeast. Taking molybdenum can break down this toxin into something far less harmless. When examining the biochemical pathway of acetaldehyde into acetic acid – threonine to acetaldehyde to acetic acid to acetyl coenzyme A, – NAD (niacineamide) and aldehyde oxidase is required which are both dependent on riboflavin, iron, and molybdenum – it may be worth considering adding these to the Candida protocol if Herxheimer reactions are bad.


Balancing body chemistry

It is generally recognised that immune system efficiency is highly dependent on the proper biochemical balance in the body. This is dependent on proper and adequate nutrition to supply the body with all the required biochemical constituents (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, intrinsic factors).

Different people require different amounts and balances of nutrients for optimum health. The criteria for the determination of these differing nutritional requirements lies within the definition of one’s metabolic type i.e. the genetically determined metabolic and nutritional parameters that defi ne each person’s individuality on every level.
It is precisely because different people have different metabolic types, and therefore different nutritional needs, that the naturopathic approach to nutrition is superior to conventional methods. This also explains why what (nutritionally) helps make one person better, may have little or no effect on another, or even make a third person worse.
I have not tried to modify this protocol as I have found it to be so successful in the treatment of over 1,500 patients to date, that I dare not juggle with it in case it loses its effectiveness. I am sure that it can be improved upon, and would welcome comments from other practitioners working with Candida. It is only through sharing that we will grow and become better practitioners.
This successful treatment protocol has taken more than 10 years to develop during the concerted efforts of Dr Georgiou, who tried to cure his own Candidiasis. This led him into studying Natural Medicine with many practitioners around the world until he finally cured himself of chronic fatigue, ME, leaky gut syndrome, fibromyalgia, compromised immunity and systemic Candidiasis using Natural Medicine.
Consequently, the DaVinci Natural Health Centre in Larnaca, Cyprus has successfully treated more than 1,500 cases of Systemic Candidiasis presenting with symptoms as diverse as chronic fatigue, ME, MS, severe eczema, chronic coughs and sore throats, recurring vaginal discharge and thrush, halitosis, polycystic ovaries, sterility and much more.

The products discussed in this article can be purchased from:

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​The Author

Dr Georgiou has been an active clinician for 25 years, and Founder of the DaVinci Natural Health Centre ( and the DaVinci College of Holistic Medicine ( in Larnaca, Cyprus. He has nine degrees and diplomas in Holistic Medicine from the UK and US including the Biological Sciences, Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Iridology, Homeopathy, Su Jok Acupuncture, Clinical Psychology and Clinical Sexology as well as specialised training in VEGA bio-dermal screening and bioresonance, Live Blood Analysis, Thermography, Heavy Metal testing using spectrometers, and other modalities.
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