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D-Ribose treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome





by Cort Johnson
CFS Phoenix


"Ribose is a Unique and Powerful Addition to our Complement of Metabolic Therapies. For Those Suffering From Fatigue, Muscle Soreness, Stiffness and a Host of Related Medical Complications the Relief ..can be Life Changing" - Jacob Teitelbaum

What It Is - D-ribose is an important structural component of many of the components (DNA, RNA, ATP, FADH, coenzyme-A, and NADH) needed by the mitochondria to keep the cells supplied with energy.

What D-Ribose Does - Studies have shown that D-ribose increases diastolic functioning, physical functioning overall, exercise tolerance and quality of life in congestive heart failure patients. It has also been used to restore energy levels after intense exercise.

Why D-Ribose Make Work in ME/CFS - Dr. Cheney believes impaired energy production in the heart cells of ME/CFS patients reduces their (diastolic) heart functioning and contributes to their fatigue and other problems. Several physicians including Dr. Teitelbaum, Dr. Myhill and Dr. Cheney believe that low cellular energy production plays a key role in ME/CFS. Dr. Ribose provides a key building block in the production of cellular energy.

Evidence –

 Dr. Teitelbaum reports it is critical to use the proper dose (5 grams three times a day for the first three weeks. A CORvalen representative I talked to recommended that ME/CFS patients take the normal dose for a month or so and then cut back to two scoops a day if they wished. It often takes several weeks for ME/CFS patients to determine if its working. He reported that Dr. Cheney began using CORvalen in the middle of 2006. Dr. Teitelbaum is currently working in a larger placebo-controlled D-Ribose study in ME/CFS.

 A study by Dr. Teitelbaum found that D-ribose produced by CORvalen (one scoop (5 g) of CORvalen three times a day with food or liquids) resulted in significant improvement in sleep patterns, energy levels, mental clarity, pain threshold and well-being in ME/CFS patients. A closer look shows that these patients were helped but were not cured; on a scale of 1-10 their energy levels increased from 3.8-5.5, sleep from 4.8-6.0, mental clarity from 4.9-5.7, pain from 4.9-5.6 and well-being from 4.3-5.6. Dr. Teitelbaum noted that a 45% increase in energy from one supplement was amazing. A few side effects were experienced by a small number of patients and these were eliminated by lowering the dose.


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