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What Are The Symptoms Of Central Pain Syndrome?




Man Suffering from Central Pain Syndrome

Central Pain Syndrome is a neurological condition that affects the Central Nervous System. This implies that if there is any damage to the brain, the brainstem, or the spinal cord, you may be diagnosed with Central Pain Syndrome. 

The said damages can occur if someone has experienced one or more of the following — Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, strokes, brain tumors, brain or spinal cord injuries, or limb amputation.   

Certain symptoms can help you recognize if you are suffering from Central Pain Syndrome or not. We have listed a few of those so that you can recognize a few for yourself. However, please keep in mind that you should always rely on a doctor for such a diagnosis. 

Symptoms for Central Pain Syndrome

There are a few characteristic symptoms of Central Pain Syndrome that can help you recognize if you are indeed suffering from Central Pain Syndrome or not. They are usually a series and mixture of painful sensations. The most prominent and common of these sensations is the burning sensation. 

You will feel a constant burning sensation that may rise with light touching, which in some cases may turn out to be Central Sensitization Syndrome. As for other painful sensations, these can be highly sensitive to temperature changes. For example, you may increase a spike in the pain if the temperature drops and becomes colder. 

You may also experience numbness or a loss of sensation in distant parts of your body, mainly the legs and the hands. There can also be sudden and intolerable bursts of pain, every once in a while. 

These sensations and pain may be of various levels, where it can vary from being mildly annoying, to being extremely intensive, and even incapacitating. 

Treatment for Central Pain Syndrome 

Unfortunately, the treatment of Central Pain Syndrome is not an easy ordeal and is seldom successful, or is partially successful. Though there are some traditional antidepressant drugs, they carry prominent side effects which include drowsiness, dizziness, or dryness of the mouth. 

Various other new antidepressant drugs are effective and also have lesser side effects. Relief can also be found through Antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). However, all these medications can only bring relief but are not healing or curative in most cases.  

There are other treatments for Central Pain Syndrome such as physical therapies, electrical stimulation applied through the skin, topical medications, acupuncture, or neurosurgical procedures (deep brain stimulation with electrodes). 

However, the effectiveness of such therapies and procedures is not hundred percent proven or effective. They may work in some cases, and may not be effective at all in others. 


Central Pain Syndrome is very common in people who have had damages to their Central Nervous System. While their symptoms are varying degrees of sensation of pain, their treatments are not as prominent and effective. 

However, if you have been exposed to such damage and have been experiencing such sensations, immediately visit your doctor for a thorough diagnosis.



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