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20 Reasons to Keep Fit as You Age




Elderly persons exercise class

As you get older, it becomes more and more difficult to keep a physically fit body. Maintaining activities and exercise will not be as easy as it was when you were younger. However, staying healthy is necessary to have a fulfilling lifestyle. According to studies and researchers, being physically healthy is linked to emotional and psychological health. Being able to function in an optimal state is directly related to the factors mentioned beforehand.

But to stay fit can be a difficult journey to take. The kind of foods that you eat will be limited to healthy ones and your eating habits will be regulated. In this way, only essential nutrients and vitamins should be consumed. Doing exercise on a daily basis, getting a sufficient amount of sleep at night and avoiding unhealthy habits that will put the body at risk of disease are some of the few tips that you need to do to sustain fitness into old age.

This article will help you in understanding the importance of having the right build as you get older. It will explore different angles that will prove the significance of the body in your daily life. Plenty of reasons will be discussed and explained below to make you think and consider the present condition of your body. 

1. You are not prone to diseases such as heart problems 

Chronic hypertension is one of the most common heart diseases. It is caused by the increased plaque in the arteries, which builds up from eating particular foods with high saturated fats. But worry no more since exercise alongside with Protein Sparing Modified Fasting will help you prevent this health problem. Because being physically active aids in reducing blood pressure by attacking the plaque in the arteries. Hypertension is also prevented as the result of doing exercise because the heart is a muscle and it is getting a workout which makes it stronger. 

2. You will have solitude and a relaxed state of mind

Often times, adults like you suffer from constant overthinking, having crises and dilemmas that are beyond your control. Sometimes, the problem is nonexistent. But exercising takes your mind off undesired thoughts that continuously linger. When you exercise, you concentrate and focus your attention on the workout itself rather than on your problems. Furthermore, after doing exercise, you will feel more relaxed since the accumulated emotions are released through physical exertion. It also decreases the production of the level of cortisol, the major stress hormone which can be damaging when elevated long-term.

3. You are strong enough to face and overcome problems that will come into your life

Exercising the physical body can also exercise the mind. You can produce a new perspective on certain issues that you have trouble coming up with a solution. Physical activities make your brain function more than usual. It generates fresh methods and approaches that can help you in dealing with your daily problems.

4. Being physically active increases physical energy and an optimistic outlook in life

Since the body is functioning efficiently, you’ve got plenty of oxygen to fuel the body’s cells. As a result, you can do the activities that you like feeling less exhausted and weary. And seeing as exercise is already a part of your daily routine, the fatigue you felt once will be lessened. Along with that, you will also feel more capable of trying new things with confidence. 

5. Physical activities aids in maintaining healthy bones

When you get older, the bones lose mineral strength and that is perfectly normal. Weightlifting to a level you're confortable with is the kind of exercise that your body needs to strengthen the bones as they get thinner and more brittle as time goes by. This is also called resistance training and the amount of it depends upon your physical strength and age. This will maximize your potential and sustain the strong bones that you have.

6. Being physically fit helps in reducing anxiety attacks and symptoms of depression 

As you grow older, you start to think about everything. Experiences will make you sad and oftentimes, you succumb to loneliness and feel powerles to do anything about it. Being physically inactive only reinforces the feeling of depression and further elevates the symptoms and frequent anxiety attacks. Exercising will alter the brain activity for the better. Hormones that promote positivity will be efficiently transmitted to the brain. Along with that, exercising enhances the level of endorphins, which makes the unnecessary worries, and anxiousness goes away, or at least reduce.

7. It helps to maintain your ability to live independently

Having a healthy and fit body means that you don’t need others to help you in getting up, eating food, drinking water, and doing your day to day tasks. Because you can do these things by yourself, you have freedom and an independent type of living which promotes self-esteem. The things you are allowed to do are not limited to, your abilities and capability which can really lift up your spirits. 

8. It decreases the possibility of falling and breaking your bones

The strength of your bone peaks by the time you reach the age of 30. As a result, your bones tend to become more fragile and be susceptible to fractures. But exercise has a solution to that. Resistance training and weight lifting and any kind of physical activity that is related to running, stair climbing, dancing and others have a positive effect on your bones. But note this, only the bones that bear the load will strengthen. For example, walking can protect the bones in the legs and hips, but not the ones in the arms. The strength that is put upon the bones will decrease the possibility of having it broken. So, a well-rounded training plan is recommended for the overall benefit of the bones around your body.

Also, exercise improves the overall balance as well as coordination of the body so you will less likely fall, thus there is a less chance to break a bone.

9. It enhances the stamina and muscle strength

Declining stamina and poor muscle strength are in line with getting old. This is the reason why elderly adults easily feel exhausted and weary upon doing simple tasks. Doing exercise interventions greatly improve the level of your stamina. You will feel less fatigue and be able to do activities for a longer period of time. Improvement of muscle strength can make you carry heavier items, like shopping bags, without requiring the help of other people. This can be enhanced by doing resistance training that will make your muscles stronger.

10. It increases the productivity

Productivity decreases as you age because you feel less and less energetic. Your movements become slower and you feel unmotivated to do things. But by exercising, the food you eat will easily and quickly be converted into energy, giving you the boost that you seek. Along with energy comes productivity. You can’t just sit around in your chair watching TV or lie in your bedroom with too much energy to be released. This is why productivity is increased.

11. It reduces blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, then exercise can help you in regulating it. Physical activities such as aerobics can make your heart stronger than before. Hence, a stronger heart can be able to pump blood with less effort. The force on the arteries is decreased and as an outcome, your blood pressure will be lowered. 

If you don’t have high blood pressure, regular work outs help in sustaining your healthy weight which is another method to control your blood pressure.

12. Improve the efficiency of your immune system

According to a study, one reason for a decline in the immune system as we age is a result of not exercising regularly. The immune system protects your body from the infiltration of viruses and infections that can have serious implications. Since this significant regulatory system is needed for you to fight off diseases, the activeness of the body will greatly enhance its function in a more efficient and effective way. 

13. Being physically fit turns the fats into muscles

Exercising will result in healthy loss of weight (if this is required). Undesired body fats will be burned since aerobic exercise will bring your weight and BMI down to normal levels. It swaps the fat for the fat-free tissues, so muscles will be built in the process. This will also speed up the metabolism, turning glucose into energy in a much faster and efficient manner. 

The concept of being healthy is not measured by the size of the body. Other people have the misconception that being overweight or obese means that the person is unhealthy. However, being overweight does come with a greater risk of developing diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, and cancer. So, you might want to think about this as you age.

14. Tremendously decrease the chance of getting arthritis

It is not that rare for middle-aged people and above to experience this chronic illness. This is due to the outgrowth of bone in the joints and abnormalities in the cartilage. And doing the wrong kind of exercise may worsen this condition because the joints may be damaged. Therefore, you have to know the appropriate and proper physical activities to do that will help reduce the risk of having arthritis. Some of these activities comprise of flexibility training via yoga and stretching. Personal trainers and professionals at your local gym and exercise classes will advise what is appropriate.

15. It makes you sleep better at night

According to sleep experts, exercising during the day will help you sleep better at night. The energy you exerted in doing physical activities keeps the body’s circadian rhythm in tune. Being physically fit improves not just the amount of sleep you get but also the quality because day activities increase the time spent in restful deep sleep. If you have insomnia and don’t like to take sleeping pills, then a regular workout is the perfect solution for you. This is a natural therapy that effectively treats insomnia, as scientific evidence indicates.

16. It boosts the mood

Aerobic activities boost your mood by causing the body’s endorphins to kick in. These endorphins are neurotransmitters that make you feel good and improve your feeling of well-being. Irritation is in line with getting old and with exercise, you will have the patience to deal positively with people and things. Socializing with other people will be joyful. 

17. It improves the memory

The cognitive functioning of your brain can be vastly improved by doing physical exercise. It helps neurons to stay in shape, especially in the memory regions of your brain. This memory boost can be done by simply walking since this assists in maintaining the vitality and health of the hippocampus, the brain’s memory center.

18. It greatly lowers the probability that you will have dementia in the future

Dementia is a mental illness that makes it hard for you to distinguish what is real from the unreal, and it hinders your mind from thinking clearly as cognitive decline sets in. This disease is untreatable. This is also a great risk for older people, but with exercise, the flow of blood throughout the body, including your brain, will be improved. Hence, it gives you an edge in case you develop this degenerative illness.

19. Being fit can make you feel empowered and motivated

Having a healthy and fit body is a great achievement for older people. It is a body that makes others go wow when they see you. By seeing this kind of reaction from others, you feel encouraged to continue exercising. You feel empowered, validated, and all your efforts in staying fit despite your age paid off. Having a fit body makes you look and feel young.

20. When you get injured or have a sickness, the time you spend on recovering is faster compared to others who are not physically fit

Since your overall health is improved, this does not really sound as a surprise. All the systems in your body function more efficiently so your immune system is keeping the bugs away. 

I hope you finished reading up until the end and make sure you attain a fit body as early as possible and maintain it through the years. Even though being fit is not an easy task to do; numerous positive impacts will always outweigh the hard work however. The 20 reasons above are applicable to anyone who will follow the guidelines for carrying out the right exercise for your unqiue age and body. The impressive ways that exercise can contribute to you when you get weaker, are incredible and should not just go unnoticed.

You cannot escape the fate of being old, but you can prevent the negative things that come with it that will instantaneously affect your health. The things that you are able to do when you are younger can be possible even when you’re older. So, don’t just accept the stereotype in the society that old people are unable to take part in certain activities. We now see people in their 70s and even 80s running 10Ks, and even marathons in some cases! Stand up, be fit, stay healthy and always exercise.

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