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4 Easy Tips In Selecting Personal Trainer Insurance




Two Men Signing Insurance Contracts

Choosing the best insurance as a personal trainer might be a little overwhelming when you first start to think about it. After all, being a personal trainer comes with a lot of risk and if you really want to make a living doing this, then you need to know that your livelihood is protected. 

Whether you are searching for personal trainer insurance online or beginning to think about adding an existing policy, we have compiled four easy tips to help you on your brand new insurance journey. 

Know Your Risks

In order to completely understand all of the areas that you may need coverage, you need to assess where your areas of risk are. Take a look at your workday through the eyes of the client. What do they see and experience? Where might things go terribly wrong? 

You should be very specific when considering the risks of your business. As a personal trainer, there are a lot of different ways that things may go wrong for your client. From equipment malfunction, to bodily injury, to repeated use injuries. The list goes on and on. Write all of those things down to take with you before you sign any policy for your personal trainer insurance. 

Get Specific

There is no one policy that is going to cover everything on the list of risks that you have compiled. However, having that list will allow you to find the best policy that comprehensively covers all of your areas of concern. You can discuss all of your other desires at the time that you find the basic package you prefer. 

Read the Fine Print

There are going to be exclusions listed in each and every policy that you review. If you want to be fully prepared for all of the things that could go wrong, you need to be well versed in the exclusions that you are agreeing to in your new policy. After all, the exclusion could wind up costing you your business if you needed that coverage and did not have it.


Before you actually sign your policy, it is a wise idea to have a list of the proactive measures you are already taking as a personal trainer. Are you certified in any safety courses that may warrant a discount on your insurance policy? Do you have certain waivers that clients sign that may be important for the insurance company to be aware of? You need to discuss each of these with your potential insurance company. 

Final Thoughts

As we have already mentioned, finding the right policy for your personal trainer business can feel a little bit overwhelming in the beginning. However, following these four simple tips for choosing the right insurance provider can save you a lot of pain and difficulty in the long run. Be sure to check out these four steps and be extremely prepared for your initial conversations with your potential insurance company. Remember, it is your livelihood on the line.


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