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4 Important Reasons Why You Should Be Mindful of Your Eyes' Health




Eye test chart seen through glasses

Most of us are dependent on our vision in ways we don't even think about. Just walking down the street or reading a book requires good vision, and as we age our risk of eye-related health issues increases. The health of our eyes and our vision can be related to many other areas of our overall well-being and health, so it's important to get regular comprehensive eye exams every year.

Even when your vision seems like it is fine, there are many important reasons to take care of your eyes.

Eye Diseases Don't Usually Show Symptoms in the Early Stages

Most diseases are best treated early, and the same is true for issues affecting your eyes and vision. Unfortunately, most diseases related to the health of our eyes don't have noticeable symptoms in the early stages. This is true for common health issues like glaucoma, retina problems, and even complications from diabetes or other illnesses. You can go to to learn more about retina problems. You can also get prescription eye meds at an affordable rate online, like if you are experiencing minor eye pressure, go to Without early treatment people can wind up with permanent vision loss or other long-term consequences of these issues.

Vision Screenings Do Not Check for Most Eye Diseases

A simple vision screening is common at schools in particular, but most parents don't realize the differences between a vision screening and a comprehensive dilated eye exam. A vision screening will only test for the most basic problems like near- or farsightedness, while a comprehensive dilated eye exam is necessary to find out if there are any other problems or issues.. Although adults need to get their eyes checked more often, ideally every year, children also need to have regular comprehensive eye exams to check the overall health of their eyes.

Women Are More Likely to Have Eye-Related Health Issues

Since women live longer than men do, they're more likely to run into eye problems over the course of their lifetimes. In fact, women make up two-thirds of people with blindness or visual impairment. Therefore, it's important for women to remember that since they'll likely going to be using their eyes for longer than men will, they need to take even better care of them.

Eye Health May Be Related to Overall Health

Studies show that problems with eyes and/or vision may be connected to other health problems as well. This is particularly true as we get older. Studies done on people over the age of 65 shows that over half of people who are blind report fair to poor health. A little under half, around 42%, with visual impairment also reported fair to poor health, yet only 21.5% of people without any vision problems at all reported fair to poor health.

Healthy Eyes Are Important For Everyone

Most of us don't think about our vision or the health of our eyes too much, but staying mindful of keeping our eyes and vision healthy can help us avoid many health problems down the road as we age. Eye protection, healthy eating, and regular comprehensive eye exams are all ways we can make sure we'll keep our vision for our entire lives.

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