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4 Ways In Which Students Can Be Environmentally Friendly




Eco Not Ego Placard

We are quite used to being environmentally friendly at home, but what happens when you move to college and want to be just as green there? You might worry that it will be difficult to keep up the good habits that you have at home, but in reality it won’t be as difficult as you imagine; in fact, you can probably do more at school than you can at home - helping you to save the planet and be a confident, independent person at the same time. Here are some tips to help you stay environmentally conscious at college.

Take Electronic Notes 

Taking electronic notes rather than paper ones is a great idea. It’s definitely environmentally sound, but it’s also much easier and quicker than paper notes. You won’t lose a laptop or mobile device like you could do with a notepad or scrap of paper, and you could even record your lectures so that you can listen to them again whenever you want to. 

The world is a lot more digital these days - you probably checked out the UDEL admissions requirements on CampusReel and made your application online, for example - so utilizing these resources to help you at school and to help you save the planet is a great idea. 

Make Use Of Reusable Bags 

When you head to the grocery store to stock up on supplies, don’t forget to take your reusable bag with you. This is much better than using plastic bags that will only be thrown in the trash when you’re done. It’s even better than using paper bags, too. When you have one or two reusable bags, you won’t be throwing anything in the trash when you go shopping. 

Another benefit of using reusable bags is that you can help to limit the amount you are buying, and therefore spending. This isn’t a green tip, but it is a useful one for a student who may need to budget carefully. If you take just one bag with you, when it’s full you’ll know your limit has been reached. 

Don’t Use Plastic Bottles 

In order to be as productive and engaged as possible, you need to keep yourself fully hydrated throughout the day. The best way to do this is to carry water with you wherever you go, but there is a problem here - plastic water bottles are terrible for the environment; they take hundreds of years to decompose, plus, wildlife can become trapped in them or eat them and die. They should be avoided if at all possible.  

So that you can still drink enough water, invest in a refillable water bottle. They are more expensive than standard bottled drinks, but you can use it again and again, and water from the tap is always free, so in fact, it will be more cost-effective, plus it’s better for the environment. 

Don’t Buy So Much

We live in a consumer culture, and you’ve probably already seen many different ads telling you that you need this or that in your life. The truth is, there are very few items you definitely need, and that includes when you go to college. Spend some time working out a list of what is going to be truly essential, and what would be nice to have, and you’ll soon see the difference. 

This will help you to not buy as much as you might normally, and the less people buy, the less there is to eventually end up in a dump, polluting the earth. If you do find you need a specific item at college, try borrowing first rather than immediately looking to buy.

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