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5 Eco-Friendly Household Alternatives To GO GREEN




Energy saving light bulb

With such a rapid increase in global warming, taking care of our planet is more vital than ever. Eco-friendly living dictates that you incorporate natural resources whenever and however you can in daily life so that less pollution is created. 

You don’t have to be Superman to save the planet. Every human leaves his trace on this world, and if you provide the nature with as much love as it has given you; rest assured that you have played your part. 

Going green doesn’t necessarily mean to install expensive equipment in your house. Charity begins at home, and if you want to see the world around you cherish, you need to take these small steps to make the world a better place to live. 

Save Energy

Most of us are very careless when it comes to spending electricity. If you don’t have the habit of turning off lights, you can install automatic timers or movement sensors in your room, which are not that expensive. 

You can also switch to fluorescent light bulbs which use only a quarter of energy when compared to regular bulbs. Not only that, but you will also see a massive decrement in your monthly electricity bill. 

The most significant energy-consuming items in a household are refrigerators and freezers. Make sure that you set them at appropriate cooling and heating temperatures and unplug them if you are moving away for a long time. 

Replace Your Water Softeners with Eco-Friendly Ones

Most people have installed a water softener in their home. Traditional water softeners increase environmental pollution and the amount of water consumption. In order to escape the hazards these water softeners have on the environment, replacing them with salt-free water softeners is a very wise choice. For a guide to a good water Softeners and factors that you should consider before installing them, head over to the link. 

Stop Using Toxic Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products are made using chemicals that are very harmful to the nature, which not only causes environmental hazards but also health problems amongst individuals. You can either make your own cleaning products using baking soda or buy organic, biodegradable, and non-toxic products from your nearby grocery store.

Use Recycled Products

Plastic is one of the leading causes of pollution as it takes about 1000 years to decompose. Ditching plastic products such as razors, cups, bottles, plates, and using their organic alternatives can go a long way into creating a healthy environment for you and others.

Also, when it comes to buying paper and cardboard products, you should make sure that you are buying recycled ones. 

Carefully Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Make sure that you are not draining toxic stuff down the drain as it’ll pollute the water supply. Every household has a fair share of batteries, paint cans, pesticides, and electronic products. Make sure they are disposed of at special drop sites, or you can wait for monthly pickup trucks as these products have toxic chemicals in them and they can pollute the environment if not properly dumped.


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  • Guest - Hussan

    You write about Eco-Friendly Household Alternatives. Great writing and your information provided is very helpful. I apply most of these aspects of an eco-friendly household myself but you gave me some new ideas. Great post. thanks for sharing.

    Comment last edited on about 2 years ago by Maff

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