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5 Health Problems to Look Out for as You Age




Old woman walking with a cane

People are no stranger to health problems, as many experience numerous debilitating conditions from an early age. Unfortunately, there is a variety of health problems that older people are more vulnerable to. Aging is something that everybody must face in life. Although it brings with it some beautiful memories, there is no denying that people worry about the health complications that accompany them. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know which signs to look out for, many of which could be an indicator of a much bigger problem. If you are struggling to know what to take note of, it’s important to read about some of the most common health issues among seniors.

1. Arthritis 

Arguably the biggest issue many older people face is arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease that can affect many joints in your body. It is most commonly found in the fingers, hips and knees, and it can limit movement due to the extreme pain it causes sufferers. This is especially true when you have arthritis in your hips. There are some natural remedies you can use to ease the symptoms of arthritis, such as rubbing essential oils directly onto your joints. However, you should always seek medical support if your pain does not subside. The Heilman Center can help you understand hip pain causes and treatment that will help reduce the pain. You can undergo physical therapy, medication or minimal invasive surgery.

2. Influenza

Many people are familiar with influenza from learning about it in history lessons. In fact, they may have experienced it at a younger age, when their body was able to attack the virus and flush it out of the body. One unfortunate truth is that you are more at risk of having a bad bout of the flu as you get older, as your body has fewer defenses against the disease. This can only be resolved by having a regular influenza shot, which you can receive at your local clinic. Influenza strikes during the coldest times of the year, so you should consider having your vaccination in the fall. Otherwise, you can fill your diet with lots of water and Vitamin C to give your immune system an extra boost.

3. Depression 

Mental health problems like depression are soaring worldwide, due to reasons people unable to explain. It is not a discriminative disease, as it can affect people of all ages and backgrounds. This means that the older population are not exempt from experiencing it. As you get older, there may be people who move out of your life, due to death or other life changes. This can leave you feeling lonelier, as there are fewer people to talk to and enjoy activities with. This is one of the biggest causes of depression among older people, as they may have no one to turn to in times of distress. If you feel yourself in low spirits, you should reach out to family and friends, or seek support from a therapist, who will always be on hand to help. There are also some preventative measures you can take, which involve practicing self-care as much as you can.

4. Heart Disease 

Some problems almost exclusively affect people as they age. The most common of these is heart disease, which can be caused by high levels of cholesterol in your blood, and high blood pressure. It affects more men than women, but there are some things you can do in your everyday life, which will help you avoid heart disease when you get older. For example, following a regular exercise routine will help keep your blood pressure low and cholesterol levels in a healthy range. When enjoyed alongside a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and healthy fats, your body is preparing itself for older age in the healthiest way.

5. Teeth Problems

Teeth problems are something that affects most people. From teething as a child to having braces fitted as a teenager, your teeth are something that dictates much of your medical trips in your life. When you get older, you may feel your teeth begin to fall out, resulting in you having dentures. This is a natural part of aging, but you can ensure you don’t encounter these problems at an earlier age by taking proper care of your teeth. Avoid sugary and acidic foods. However, making sure you are cleaning your teeth twice a day, and attending regular dental check-ups are all effective ways in which you can do this.

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