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5 Most Important Items To Bring When You Move




Moving Home Day

Are you packing for a move? While you may have your list of what to transport to your home, you might have forgotten about the essentials you need to bring during the move, which will be of great help during the first few days as you unpack everything. Even forgetting the smallest things would make a huge difference on moving day, as well as the days after it. 
But what exactly are the things you should be bringing? These are the five crucial items to bring with you as you move! 
What To Bring When Moving
As you find the perfect guide to relocate, there are some things it fails to mention, such as what to bring when moving. To help lessen the hassle once you’re about to move, make sure to bring these absolute essentials with you:
1. All Necessary Documents (And Your Keys!)
This is pretty much an obvious thing to pack with you in your main bag. Bring your IDs, moving documents, and of course, your new house keys! Also, bring your cash and all the necessary cards, as you never know if you have any extra expenses than what you expected. 
I also recommend that you bring snacks and water, or prepare ready-to-eat food for when you arrive in your new home. You may end up feeling hungry and need the energy as you begin unpacking items!
2. Cleaning Supplies and a Toolkit
For those who can access their home even before moving day, it’s best to prepare ahead and clean up space as much as you can. But even then, it’s best that you bring with you cleaning supplies on moving day itself, at least the basic supplies can do. After all, the home will be exposed to all the dust, dirt, and other pollutants as you bring your furniture in, as well as all the tracking from movers and boxes. 
Also, be sure to bring a basic toolkit and flashlight. Be prepared to fix or assemble anything (like your bed frame!), or for just about any quick repair. Besides this, prepare other basic essentials, such as writing utensils, paper, tape, and scissors, which can be used for unpacking and labeling items. 
3. Your Personal Belongings and Medication
I recommend that you bring a small overnight bag with all your personal belongings, such as your clothes for the next nights, toiletries to stay clean and wash up after moving, as well as your daily medications if you have any conditions. 
Speaking of washing up, I recommend that you pack a shower curtain with your shower essentials so you can shower properly without wetting the floors. 
4. Your Gadgets and Chargers
Whether it’s for work, contacting loved ones, to get help from apps, or just to de-stress with games, you need your gadgets! Not only does it have benefits for you, but because they are considered valuables. 
You wouldn’t want to leave them in one of the boxes, squished between hard appliances, or left under bad conditions. This can increase the risk of the gadget becoming damaged, making it a costly mistake.
Make sure that all of your gadgets are with you in the car and are accounted for once you reach your new home. Keep them in a safe spot at all times, so they won’t get damaged and you won’t suffer from any losses.
5. Comfortable Bedding
Sometimes, you won’t be able to start sleeping on your own bed during the first day or so. In fact, I know I’ve experienced sleeping on the cold, hard floor during one of my moves! That’s why it’s important to pack any form of bedding, may it be thick blankets, a huge beanie seat, or even inflatable air beds.
If you do have a bed ready already, be sure to pack linens that are easy to unpack and prepare for a night of good sleep.
Don’t just sleep on the floor during tiring days of unpacking everything. Be sure that you cozy up in something that’s a bit comfortable and will have you sleep peacefully. That way, you can feel refreshed until such time you can set up your actual bed and begin living your life in the new house.
Wrapping It Up
Moving is stressful enough, so don’t make it even worse by forgetting the most important items! By knowing what these items are and preparing ahead, you won’t have trouble as you move, making sure it’s a smooth process. That way, you can focus more on unpacking without unnecessary stress.
Hopefully, you found insight into what you should bring with you when moving. Now that you know what to get, be sure to prepare it already so you won’t forget it. If you have any questions or tips, I appreciate all your thoughts, so comment down below!

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