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5 Reasons Why You Should Go For a Nose Job without Surgery




Young woman with fingers covering her nose

As the world of media, fashion, and glamour is becoming more advanced and competitive the beauty standards have become extremely rigorous. It is no more about having a certain type of skin or complexion, height, weight or attire. Adjusting and changing facial features in order to enhance facial beauty have become a rage in the recent past. Many famous celebrities have gone under the knife to have transplants and facial jobs to transform one or more of their facial and body parts. One of the most popular cosmetic surgery trends lately is getting a nose job done. 

Although most of us would love to follow our favorite celebs that got their nose restructured, but are reluctant to do so because of the invasive nature of the procedure and a high degree of permanent risks that are involved. Fortunately, the field of cosmetic surgery has made a revolutionary invention that allows you to treat yourself with a nose job without surgery. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting a non-surgical nose job done.


Surgical nose jobs involve an invasive facial surgery that requires you to go under general anesthesia. The results it leaves are permanent which may or may not be as per your requirement. Like every surgery, surgical nose jobs have their own side effects which can be lifelong. On the contrary non-surgical nose jobs are done using a numbing agent while you are awake. It is noninvasive and does not have any side effects in the long run.


Going under the knife is invasive and has its risks involved. It can lead to side effects such as breathing issues, swelling, unwanted scars, recurrent nose bleeding and numbness among other things. Non-surgical nose jobs involve only injecting derma filler in your skin while you are awake and in your senses. Therefore, it avoids all the risks associated with surgically invasive nose job.


Surgical nose job requires a minimum of two weeks and can take several more weeks to completely normalize. The initial few weeks are very discomforting and require you to wear a nasal splint. Apart from religiously adhering to pain management procedures and pills you should also be very careful in daily activities such as wearing your glasses. Non-surgical nose jobs are much more painless and the recovery period is quicker and hassle free.

Control over Cosmetic Results

Once you opt for a surgical nose job you should know that the results are permanent. You may or may not like the end cosmetic result but you will have to deal with it and do not have much control over it since you are under general anesthesia during the procedure.  Non-surgical nose jobs not only have better results since the injected fillers allows more precise contouring, but they also gives you more control since you are awake during the procedure and are given a mirror so that you can see the results immediately and give a feedback.


Surgical nose jobs come with a hefty price tag starting at a minimum of $15000 and going up to $80000. On the contrary, fillers used for non-surgical nose job cost only $1000 for the first sitting and $900 for the follow ups. The results of non-surgical fillers last for up to 10 years which makes them long lasting yet reversible.

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