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5 Tips For Finding Best CBD Oil For Dogs




CBD oil has been emerging as a popular alternative holistic remedy worldwide over the last decade. Owing to the many health benefits, CBD oil is a useful treatment for humans and animals, especially dogs. More and more people are now incorporating the oil into their pet’s life to treat and prevent a wide range of health issues.

Are you planning to give CBD oil to your canine friend? Wondering how to choose the best oil for them? Keep reading to find a complete guide to help you pick the most suitable CBD oil for your furry friend.

Cannabis Plant and CBD Oil
Image Source

How can you choose the best CBD oil for your dog?

Given the recent popularity of CBD oil and the wave of legalization taking over the world,  you can find a myriad of products in the market today for your pet dog. A majority of pet parents are opting for the FOMO Bones CBD dog treats.
If you’re having trouble choosing the best CBD oil for your pet from the wide variety, here are five tips you must remember:
1. Check the type of extract
The most crucial thing that you must consider when finding the right CBD oil for your dog is to choose the type of extract used in it. It will determine the cannabinoids present in it and how they will impact your furry friend. There are three primary types of CBD extracts, they are:
     ● Isolate
If you’re looking for the purest form of the cannabinoid, you must opt for CBD isolate. It comes when all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemicals present in the plant are stripped down, and only CBD is left. CBD isolate contains zero THC or only negligible traces of it, making it entirely safe for you.
     ● Broad-spectrum
Moving on, broad-spectrum CBD is a minimally processed version of the cannabinoid. It often contains other terpenes and cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, except THC. Broad-spectrum CBD oil can be beneficial for your pets, as it offers an entourage effect.
     ● Full-spectrum
Full-spectrum CBD extract uses all parts of the plant and contains a range of cannabinoids. You can find proteins, fatty acids, fiber, and even flavonoids in it. This extract also has more THC content, which induces a high but can prove relaxing for your dog.

2. Keep in mind the source

The next tip you must remember is to check the source of the cannabis hemp plant that goes into making the CBD oil. The hemp comes from and how it is grown can have a huge impact on its quality. If the geographical area has favorable weather conditions, the crop will be excellent and abundant with cannabinoids. Similarly, whether the plants are grown indoors or outdoors can also affect the quality. 

If hemp is legal in a particular area, the plant’s high chances grew in favorable conditions. It can have a significant role in the safety and efficacy of CBD products. 

3. Carefully choose the potency

When you choose the best CBD oil for your dog, make it a priority to check the product’s potency. The potency, or simply the strength of a CBD oil bottle, is measured usually in milligrams (mg). The higher the milligrams per bottle of oil, the higher the dosage your pet dog gets. You can decide the dog’s ideal dosage based on their weight and the underlying condition you wish to treat. However, it is best to start with a low dosage and gradually increase CBD oil potency.

Labrador Given CBD Oil Drops
Image Source

​4. Look for a renowned brand

The next thing to consider here is the brand or the manufacturer producing the CBD oil. You can conduct rigorous online research about the brand to find information about them through their website and social media profiles. It will help you understand their manufacturing practices, sourcing, and whether they are transparent in their practices or not. Besides that, check the reviews to ascertain the brand’s credibility and if their CBD oil can help your dog.

5. Assess the third-party results

While the manufacturers can go to any length to promote their CBD oil, you might have difficulty trusting their claims. Here, you must check for third-party results. A majority of CBD companies now send their products to third-party labs where experts check their products. They give a detailed report on the contents, safety, and efficacy of CBD products. If an independent third-party lab run by experts is giving a good report on the CBD oil, you can trust it and then buy the same for your furry friend.

Dog Owner with CBD Oil
Image Source

Final Thoughts

CBD oil has already managed to secure a place for itself in almost every household today. While you might already be using it, it is time to offer the oil benefits to your pet dog. Get them a high-grade CBD oil while keeping the above points in mind and make their lives better.

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