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5 Unfortunate Situations Where You Need To Call A Tow Truck




A Car On A Tow Truck

Sometimes, certain red flags can pop up and warn you that something could soon go wrong with your car. Other times, life isn’t as kind and you could experience sudden car problems without a previous warning. You could be cruising down the highway without a care in the world, then suddenly find your car breaking down. You need to be aware of the possible situations that would require calling for help so that you can be better prepared to handle them. Here are 5 common situations that would require calling a tow truck.

1. Engine Overheats

When the car engine overheats it could cause the car to come to a complete halt. There are several reasons why an engine can overheat such as radiator leaks, faulty fan belts, or damaged hoses that circulate the coolant. If you don’t stop the car and continue to drive it in that condition, it will cause further damage. Your first line of action should be to turn off the air-conditioner if it’s on. Open the hood and call a towing service.

2. A Car Accident

After an accident, you might not be able to determine the extent of the damage or whether your car can be driven. This is when you really need towing services that provide tow truck technicians who can assess the damage and handle your car after being in a collision. You must call a local towing service to ensure immediate help. So if the accident took place in Annapolis, you need to call a Maryland-based towing company. Also, you need a service provider that is available 24/7 and would reply to you promptly. 

3. Failing Brakes

Driving around with failing breaks is one of the most dangerous situations you can put yourself and others in. If the brakes fail, downshift your speed immediately. Try pumping the brake a few times to get brake fluid pumping. If that fails, use your hand brake gradually and prepare yourself for the car to skid. 

4. No Gas

Running out of gas is much more common than what you might think. We can get absent-minded and simply forget to refill. Other people never get around to fixing their gas gauge on the dashboard and simply depend on their memory to fill up. Whatever the reason; no gas is a big problem when you’re out in the middle of nowhere.  

5. Flat Tire

Plenty of people know how to fix a flat tire. However, some people forget that their spare tire isn’t ready to be a spare at all and only discover that too late. A tire could go flat while driving for a few reasons. You could have driven over a sharp object or the air pressure decreased. You might also have damaged threads that you didn’t notice before. Despite being a minor car issue, it’s a common reason to get cars towed.

You might be able to fix some car problems by yourself if you have a little background, or if someone comes along to help you out and get your car going again. However, some problems can’t be fixed as quickly and need more tools and equipment. So always be prepared for both by having the number of a professional towing company on your phone, one that is locally-based and will serve your needs quickly and professionally.




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