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5 Ways To Tackle That Hangover




Man asleep at a desk with a bottle of alcohol

There is little worse than waking up in the morning after drinking alcohol the night before to that dreaded hungover feeling. From a headache to feeling sick and lethargic, the symptoms can seem endless and no matter how much you try and make yourself feel better, you can’t seem to shake that hangover. One of the major causes of ethanol, which is a toxic chemical that can be found within alcoholic drinks. Once consumed, it works in your body as a diuretic, which can make you need to urinate more and can result in you becoming dehydrated. This explains why you wake up in the morning hungover and desperate for a glass of water. While the best way to prevent a hangover is to drink a glass of water before you go to bed after drinking alcohol, there are a few ways that you can tackle your hangover once the damage has already been done. Here are five popular ways that people try to feel better and get over their hangover. 

Stay Hydrated 

Firstly, if you have a hangover and have been drinking alcohol, then it is likely that you are dehydrated. To remedy this, you should drink as much water as you can the following day. While you should already aim to drink about 6-8 glasses of water a day anyway, you should increase this if you are hungover. 

Eat Breakfast 

Even if you have woken up with a hangover and are feeling sick, you should be sure to eat breakfast and fill up with food the morning after. The electrolytes in food help to restore your hydrated and drained body by providing it with calories and nutrients. However, you should avoid food that is too greasy and should instead go for foods that are easy to eat and digest. 

IV Therapy 

IV hangover therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years and mobile IV therapy replaces lost fluids and electrolytes that you lost from drinking alcohol; it may help you feel better. This is a safe and recommended procedure that is only administered by registered nurses who have experience in IV therapy. For more information, be sure to visit Reset IV’s informative website. 

Get Some Rest 

If you are feeling hungover when you wake up, then you should go back to sleep after refueling your body with food and water. Often, getting some more sleep is exactly what your hangover needs, as while it isn’t caused by not getting enough sleep, it won’t be helping how you are feeling. 

Eat Ginger 

Ginger is known to have properties that will help you tackle your hangover. While ginger is often taken by those who are suffering from nausea and vomiting, it can also help you after a night of heavy drinking. The easiest way to ingest ginger is to try drinking ginger tea or by using it in your meals. 

While there is no one certain cure to a hangover, by following these tips, you will soon start to feel refreshed and like your usual self.




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