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5 Wonderful Pieces Of Kitchen Equipment & Foodstuffs You Need In 2022




Red Coffee Machine Using Fresh Beans

Now winter has arrived and the nights are getting colder, as well as considerably shorter, there can be no better time than to invest some quality time and perhaps even some of your hard-earned money into updating and transforming your kitchen and, therefore, your meals. 

Here, for your reading pleasure (but not benefiting your bank balance), are the top five ultimate pieces of kitchen equipment that you need in your own home ready for 2022.

1. Coffee Machine

These days and especially during the winter months, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the sweet, hot, and delicious taste of a cup of coffee from a high-street coffee house on the way to work or on their way out to run errands.

One of the best investments you could make, therefore, is the addition of a proverbial all-singing and all-dancing coffee machine, which, after the initial monetary expenditure, will save you significant amounts of money on your daily coffee run. 

2. Pastel Pink Appliances

It may surprise you to learn that pastel pink is very much a trending color in the modern kitchen design and interior trends of 2022.

Kitchen appliances are always considerably more aesthetically attractive when they are of the same style and color through the room, so go for it and order a pastel pink microwave, toaster, and kettle set that will truly stand out in your home. 

3. Food Thickening Agents

Especially if you or another member of your household are of the older generation, having some quality yet affordable SimplyThick food thickener in the kitchen cupboards is one of the best defenses for a quick and easy remedy for people who are living with a wide variety of eating, chewing or swallowing problems. 

4. Under-Counter Ice Machines

Although you may not feel like tipping a large number of ice cubes into your drink right now, come spring and the brand-new year of 2022, an impressive under-the-counter ice machine will set you apart and make you the envy of your family and friends. 

Throwing family parties and having friends over will be all the more fun with your very own in-house ice maker and the best bit is you can store it under the counter, so it stays out of sight and doesn’t take up any room on the kitchen worktop 

5. Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are the most innovative feature of every modern, aesthetically pleasing, and designer kitchen, and currently, they are more affordable than years gone by. 

Essentially, induction cooktops utilize a specialized electromagnetic field to heat up your pots and pans yet still making sure the surface of the countertop is always cool to the touch. Induction cooktops are perfect if you have young children around the home. 

Other innovative kitchen items for 2022 include French door wall ovens, counter-depth freezers and refrigerators, self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens, chrome slow cookers, and multi-function toasters that double up as a radio.



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