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6 Reasons Why You Should Take Supplements




Assorted nutritional supplements

A considerable number of adults in the United States regularly take dietary supplements. However, before you start using supplements, there are things you should consider. For instance, what does the word "supplement" actually mean? 

A nutritional supplement is taken to enhance or balance the levels of nutrients in the human body. The aim of dietary supplements is of course to help improve your health, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, hence it supplements these. Here are six reasons why you should consider using dietary supplements often, as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

1. Fill the Nutritional Gap 

You cannot rely on many common foods as the only source of important nutrients, according to many experts. Statistics show that close to 90 per cent of Americans don't obtain sufficient vital nutrients from the food they eat. 

Many people fail to meet these minimum dietary recommendations due to a variety of reasons. These include poor appetite, specific health conditions, and strict unmonitored dieting. 

Taking supplements aims to bridge this nutritional gap. This ensures you obtain, and maintain, the optimum nutrient levels for your age, gender, and individual needs. 

2. A Decline in Nutrient Absorption 

As you grow old, malabsorption of food and nutrients becomes a problem. Your body doesn’t have the same ability to metababolize the food you eat as it had in the past. Digestion requires a lot of energy and since this declines with age, so the breakdown of food and absorbsion of vital nutrients. 

The production of enzymes responsible for digestion also declines with age. Failure to absorb nutrients lowers the immune system, making you more susceptible to various diseases. Unfortunately, conventional modern treatment options to treat any disease deplete essential nutrients from your body. The prothera supplement helps solve this imbalance. 

3. Prevents Against Harmful Chemicals 

The use of pesticides and herbicides contaminates the water supply. Furthermore, environmental issues like pollution increase the human need for vitamins and minerals. 

Chemical exposure also causes another problem; harmful chemicals create free radicals that, among other things, attack the digestive and immune systems. However, using antioxidant supplements can help prevent free radicals causing damage and ill health. 

4. Poor Eating Habits 

Are you attracted to processed junk foods? Well, erratic eating habits lead to poor digestion in your body. If you can’t digest the food you consume, where will your body extract its essential nutrients from? 

Take note, a dietary supplement will not replace your poor diet. It will only act to minimize the damage resulting from your poor eating habits. This is why an overall healthy diet and lifestyle, along with nutritional supplements, is essential. 

5. Participating in Rigorous Exercise

Do you love exercising? Or maybe you’re training for a marathon. Taking part in rigorous exercise depletes the energy and nutrients that are stored in your body. 

After exercising, you must replenish these nutrients. That’s why your diet should contain a lot of carbs and proteins. Taking dietary supplements is the best and ideal way of getting the required amount of calories. You don’t need to eat a full bowl of pasta and chicken. 

6. Avoid Expensive Health Problems 

Doctors advise people to look for ways to prevent diseases. Seeking treatment for health conditions can be expensive. So how do you do this? 

Well, take dietary supplements daily, exercise regularly and visit a doctor for regular checkups. Visiting a doctor allows them to examine you and provide advice on the best supplements to use. This can help prevent costly treatment plans in the future.

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