CBD Tincture

With the legalization of cannabis, the curiosity to experience the plant is skyrocketing. Brands are flooding the market with a series of innovative infused products that promise amazing benefits and taste.
While these products are great choices to dose on essential cannabinoids like CBD, you can also try some homemade cannabis recipes like CBD tinctures to enjoy the herb’s benefits.  

What Is CBD Tincture?

CBD tincture is a concentrated herbal extract prepared from steeping cannabis flowers in high-proof alcohol, vinegar, or glycerin. It is a potent form of consuming CBD and can be administered sublingually or added to edibles. High-quality CBD tinctures by CBDistillery are available for providing a spectrum of benefits like stress relief. Here we will explore a step by step guide to creating a perfect CBD tincture at home. 

Creating CBD Tincture - The Alcohol Method 

The alcohol method is the most common way of preparing an amazing CBD tincture at home. You can either soak the plant material in alcohol directly or use heat to catalyze the extraction. The advantage of using alcohol is that it eliminates any abnormal taste or aroma from the plant matter and increases the tincture’s potency. The alcohol method is a straightforward and cost-effective way to prepare tinctures at home.
What You Need:
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Ethanol or Grain Alcohol 
  • Cannabis flowers 
  • Wooden spoon 
  • Double boiler 
  • Sieve or cloth stainer 
  • Mason Jar 
Mason JarHow To Prepare:
  1. Start by decarboxylating the cannabis flowers to activate the cannabinoids. 
  2. Place the decarboxylated flowers on a ceramic bowl and pour alcohol till plant matter is completely covered.
  3. Stir for about 10 minutes to remove the resin. 
  4. Sieve the extracts as much as possible and repeat the step till the oil is thoroughly filtered.
  5. Pour the oil extract into the double boiler and place it on the stove till it starts to bubble. 
  6. Heat in simmer till the alcohol is completely evaporated and mix the contents of the double boiler. 
  7. Cool the mixture and transfer it to the mason jar to store. 
If you do not want to heat the alcohol mixture, create a tincture by letting decarboxylated weed naturally infuse in the alcohol. 
  1. Add the decarboxylated flowers and alcohol to a mason jar. 
  2. Seal the jar tightly and place it in a dark room for a few weeks. 
  3. Make sure to shake the jar once every day. 
  4. Sieve or strain the mixture and transfer it to a new container for storage. 
While this process takes a long time to give results, the tincture’s potency will be high. 

Tips To Create The Perfect CBD Tincture

     1. Choose CBD Rich Strains
Choosing the right strain of cannabis will determine the potency and quality of the tincture. Strains with high THC content are bound to induce psychoactive properties as the cannabinoid will infuse into the tincture. The best way to avoid these properties is to pick strains rich in CBD with little or no THC. 
Remember, the entourage effect of cannabis is a powerful phenomenon that can elevate the properties of the complete plethora of cannabinoids present in the plant matter. Unless you are allergic to THC or have any other specific reason to avoid the compound, we suggest strains with an optimum level of THC to elevate the therapeutic properties of CBD to relish the best benefits. 
     2. Pick The Right Alcohol
Preparation of CBD TinctureOne of the most significant advantages of tinctures is that they can retain more compounds from the plant extracts than oil-based extraction techniques. The reason behind this is the presence of alcohol in the extraction base. Therefore, using the best type of alcohol can ensure that you create a unique end product. 
Always use high-proof alcohol that ensures safety for consumption. Do not use products like isopropyl alcohol as they are not suitable for ingestion. You can even use some options like vodka from your liquor cabinet. But remember, the degree of alcohol concentration directly affects the potency of the tincture. Therefore, explore high alcohol concentration to increase the solubility of resin. 
     3. Glycerine Is A Potent Alternative To Alcohol
If you are not comfortable using alcohol as a base for creating tinctures, try a plant-based alternative such as vegetable glycerine. Using high-quality vegetable glycerine ensures that the end product is food-grade without the need for alcohol. But one disadvantage of vegetable glycerin is it creates weaker bonds with cannabinoids from plant extracts, thus affecting the potency of the tincture. 
A simple way to overcome this problem is to start with an alcohol base. Once the plant matter induces the cannabinoids in the alcohol, you can evaporate it and introduce glycerin to increase potency. 
     4. Dosage Matters
Like all CBD products, dosage plays a critical role in ensuring you add the right balance of ingredients to achieve the required potency. Use a CBD and THC calculator to strike the right balance of buds and alcohol needed to create your tincture. CBD tinctures are relatively easy to use to achieve an ideal dose. The tincture effects are almost instant and are hence useful for achieving immediate relaxation or other therapeutic benefits. You can easily use it through a dropper and increase or decrease the level based on the experience. 
     5. Try Freezing To Reduce Chlorophyll In The Tincture
CBD Tincture Freezer Storage​A common way to increase the rate of infusion of CBD in the alcohol is heating. While the results are impeccable, there is still debate regarding the probability of cannabinoid rupture or damage from excess heat. Freezing is a potent alternative to creating a powerful tincture recipe without the need for heat. Simply place the alcohol cannabis mixture in the freezer for about seven days. Make sure to shake the bottle once every day to mix the contents.
Another advantage of freezing is that it limits the chlorophyll leaching into the tincture compared to other methods. This way, you get a purer product with better taste. 
    6. Add To Your Regular Recipes For Enhanced Flavors
Homemade CBD tincture tends to carry a raw, earthy flavor of cannabis that may not be pleasing. One of the easiest ways of enjoying the benefits of tincture without the odd taste is to add a few drops to your meal, such as smoothies, salads, soups, juices, cereals. The food flavors will help mask the aroma and taste of raw CBD and improve the experience.  


CBD tincture is an efficient way to dose on cannabidiol to endure several ailments. Remember, homemade tinctures are not as potent as commercial tinctures because they contain some impurities from the extraction. But the advantage of these tinctures is that you have the liberty to adjust the potency to match your requirement. It is also significantly cheaper than any industrial product.
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