Many people often wish that they were healthier, or more committed to trying new lifestyle choices. The idea of FOMO, or fear or missing out, can be applied to lifestyle as well as social media posts. Lifestyle trends allow us to try new hobbies and ways of life that might be beneficial to us and decide for ourselves whether we decide to join the trend or leave it. 


Vaping is becoming fashionable and is considered an interesting and fun hobby for someone to have. Therefore, if you enjoy the fruitier things in life, why not give it a go? Invest in a good vape mod and a selection of flavors that really tickle your taste buds. You’ll find suppliers such as ultimatejuice.co.uk, will have something right up your street – be it something sweet, sour, or even savory. Give it a try today! 


Many people miss out on yoga out of fear of attending group classes, or not willing to pay a monthly membership fee. However, YouTube has become a free means of learning the practice, that doesn’t come with the cost of a subscription fee. All that’s needed is a screen, and a space to practice in. This allows you to gain all the benefits of yoga without the price. 


Many people disregard the idea of being a flexitarian as a non-committal lifestyle. However, this approach of picking and choosing when to become a vegetarian (or even vegan) forces you to have healthier, meat-free days. 

Canned Wine

This may sound utterly bizarre, but canned wine might just be the storage method of the future. This method of persevering wine’s freshness is growing with every year, and for a good reason. It removes the need to wait for friends and family to be around to split a bottle, and makes it easier for wine drinkers to stick to their one unit a day. 

Eco-Friendly Travel

Our collective jet-setting around the globe has racked up an impressive carbon-footprint. It’s in response to this that people have started taking part in eco-friendly vacations. Adventure activities and eco-energy sources make these getaways a real adventure. 


If you’ve never experienced the fresh taste of a home-grown tomato, or a sauce that’s flavored with fresh basil that’s been grown on your own windowsill, then you’re missing out. Root vegetables (carrots, beetroot) and leafy greens such as Swiss chard are perhaps the easiest to grow. 


Homeopathy is a holistic approach to alleviating symptoms of illness. For those who enjoy the use of herbal remedies, and using holistic medicines, this could be a helpful supplement. The treatment is chosen on an individual basis, which makes it personalized to your needs. 

Healthy Fats

For so long, serial dieters have feared the presence of any form of fat in their daily diet. However, it’s important to know that healthy fats such as omega 3 and foods rich in healthy fat such as avocados and nuts are not bad for you in limited amounts. If you’ve been missing out on healthy fats, you may begin to feel it in your appetite. 

While some lifestyle trends may be transient in nature, some often have wide-ranging health benefits. Choosing lifestyle measures that benefit your quality of life are always a preferable option.

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