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8 Reasons Why More Nursing Students Are Doing An ABSN




Student Nurse with a Patient

Whether you are already working in healthcare with the ultimate goal of becoming a registered nurse or are working in a completely different career and have decided that nursing is where you want to be, you might be considering an accelerated nursing degree program as the best option for fast-tracking your future career. Aspiring nurses who possess the right amount of dedication, commitment and willingness to work hard can use the accelerated BSN program to complete their degree and qualify as a registered nurse in half the time that you’d expect to spend getting a traditional nursing degree. Regardless of your career background, there are several benefits of getting an ABSN if you’ve decided that nursing is the career for you. 

You Don’t Need Healthcare Experience:

While the ABSN is a popular choice for professionals who are already working in the healthcare industry and want to qualify as a registered nurse, there is no need to have gained any previous experience in health or medical care before you can begin this degree program. Although having earned some healthcare experience in the past will definitely be beneficial to students, you can get onto an ABSN with any bachelor’s degree regardless of your professional background. So, if you’re currently working in accounting or engineering and have decided that caring for others is your calling, check out the accelerated BSN nursing program from Elmhurst University online

Get Your Degree Faster:

If you have decided that you want to change your career to nursing and want to get started in your new venture as quickly as possible, an ABSN is likely going to be the ideal choice of degree program for you. Unlike the traditional BSN program that will take you around four years at least to complete, the ABSN will help you earn the same qualification in around half the time or even less. You can also choose from a range of flexible study options that allow you to tailor the program to your liking and fit it around your current lifestyle and commitments. 

Save Money:

Going to college and getting your degree is never going to be cheap, and if you want to save as much money as possible while on your journey to become a nurse, then it is worth considering an ABSN. This is especially true for those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree in another subject and are reluctant to borrow further student loans for getting another degree the second time around. Although you will still have to pay tuition fees, this can often be cheaper overall for an ABSN since the degree program itself will only take two years rather than four. 

Flexible Online Study:

Online degree programs are booming in popularity, and the fact that they put the student in control and make it easier for them to fit studying around their current lifestyle and commitments means that it’s no surprise more and more aspiring nurses are choosing this option. If you are currently working and want to get an ABSN to change your career into nursing, online study makes it easier than ever for you to get your new qualification while continuing to work, helping you avoid the type of upheaval to your life that you might expect from attending in-person classes on-campus. 

Various Programs Available:

With the current shortage of nurses in the US inspiring many people to work towards becoming a nurse in the future, there is an ever-growing range of programs available for training nurses that is improving drastically over time. If you are an aspiring nurse who wants to get into the healthcare workforce as soon as possible, there are plenty of different training options to choose from, whether you’d prefer to attend community college classes, go to nursing school, or do your training almost entirely online. It is easier than ever to find a nursing training program that fits in with your lifestyle.

Develop Important Skills:

Getting your nursing degree with an ABSN is a great way to not only learn the important skills that are required for working as a nurse, but you’ll also develop a range of important transferable skills that are going to be useful to your future career. This is especially true for students that opt for an online ABSN degree program, where you will need to work hard to keep yourself motivated, improve your organization and efficiency skills, and make sure that you are communicating effectively with your classmates and tutors in order to ensure that you continue to get the best results and achieve what you set out to. 

Earn the Respect of Others:

No nursing degree program is going to be easy, but everybody in the industry knows that an ABSN will take a lot of hard work and dedication. Cramming four years’ worth of nursing knowledge into half that time is no easy task, so it’s no surprise that many healthcare employers will value and respect student nurses who have had the patience and dedication required to achieve this. Getting your ASBN will demonstrate to your future employers that you are highly committed and no stranger to working hard. 

Make a Difference:

Last but not least, getting into nursing with an accelerated BSN degree program allows you to start making a difference even sooner. As a nurse, there are many different ways that you will make a difference on a daily basis both to your patients and to the people that you work with. Many patients will remember the nurses that looked after them at some of the worst times in their lives as people who were patient, caring and kind that they could not have gotten through the situation without. Knowing that you can be a shining light of hope and support for patients and their loved ones through tough times is just one of the most rewarding aspects of this job that keeps many nurses motivated. 

If you’ve decided that nursing is the right career for you and want to get into the uniform and start caring for others as quickly as possible, consider an ABSN. 

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People in this conversation

  • Guest - Tom

    I disagree with the statement "You Don’t Need Healthcare Experience:" at the top of this page. Practical experience is invaluable to learning how to be a nurse.
    The first benefit of working as a CNA, MA, ER Tech, EMT, Medic/Corpsman etc. is your finding out if you really want to work with people in emotionally charged situations and the 12 hour marathon of a typical shift.
    The second benefit, it made a huge difference for me when reading the textbooks and taking the tests and doing the clinical rotations. I didn't have to work to memorize the info, I had lived it and so the reading was like a joyful novel.
    I have seen way too many people recently out of ANY type of RN program wishing they had done something else, because the reality is so different from the textbook presentation. Frequently they quit. My understanding is that the loss (or attrition) of newer RN's at the 2 year mark is till above 40%.
    I am sure many people reading this will disagree strongly, but experience is the best teacher.

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