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8 Reasons You May Be Having Digestive Issues




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A healthy digestion system is often taken for granted, as you don’t realize the benefits of it until you’re struggling with embarrassing or painful digestion problems while trying to maintain your daily life. Issues such as constipation, heartburn or other problems can be extremely disruptive and affect both your body and mood. 
Here are eight reasons why you may be running into digestive issues so that you can better understand how to tackle them. 
1.      Eating too quickly 
Mindful eating is very important for healthy digestion. If you’re eating too fast and swallowing food before it’s properly broken down, this could leave you feeling bloated, uncomfortable and increase the risk of heartburn or indigestion. 
2. Suffering from stress 
Stress can affect many processes within the body, including the immune system. A compromised immune system can result in digestive issues, and bowel problems like IBS. 
3. Medical issues
There’s always the potential for a medical condition or infection to be directly causing digestive issues, so it’s always a good idea to speak to your healthcare professional if you’re suffering and want to determine the root cause. 
4. Spicy foods
It’s true that spicy foods don’t agree with everyone. Spicy foods have the potential to affect the stomach and bowel movements, and cause discomfort. Spicy food may also result in heartburn or indigestion problems. If you feel as though your body reacts negatively to spicy food, consider milder alternatives and flavors. 
5. Food intolerance
Certain foods could be directly responsible for digestive problems, if your body has an intolerance for them. You can check which foods may be affecting you by taking a test, like those from IntoleranceLab, in order to then adjust your diet and avoid intolerance problems altogether. 
6. A neglectful bathroom routine
It’s important to respect the natural flow of your body in terms of your bathroom routine. If you are avoiding going to the bathroom or don’t get the chance to go to the bathroom when needed throughout the day, especially when it comes to bowel movements, then this can result in further discomfort, problems or even pain. Additionally, if you are eating at inconvenient times, which means you can’t easily go to the bathroom when needed — such as eating late at night or before bed — then this may affect your natural flow. 
7. Bad eating posture
In order to aid digestion, it’s important to sit properly and have good posture when eating. If you find that you eat hunched over, curled up or led down, for example, you may find that you feel more discomfort when eating food, or perhaps increase your risk of indigestion. Try to sit up straighter when eating and don’t rush your food. 
8. Menstruation 
During menstruation, muscle contractions occur in order to encourage the shedding of the womb lining. This can also apply to bowel movements, too, as excess muscle contractions may mean that you feel as though you need the toilet a lot more, as well as encountering other problems, such as constipation or diarrhea. 
Be sure to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to encourage healthy digestion, and speak to your doctor should you have any concerns over digestive trouble.




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