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8 Recommended Tips for Students to Maintain Health in Exam Time




Student taking an exam

The most common trauma that students have to suffer at the end of each semester is – exams. This is indeed the most stressful time of the year and many bad habits can rule during this time. However, making an effort to stay healthy is the real deal to achieve the desired goals in your examination.
To perform the best in your examination, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to take an oath to stay healthy. If your health gets affected due to overstress and bad habits, it will not be possible for you to earn the best grades. Here are some 8 tips that the students might follow to maintain a balanced approach toward health and get rid of unnecessary ‘exam pressure’.
Indulge in Exercising:-
As a student, you need to realize that the best thing to maintain a good health is to remain physically active.  It is an effective tool to improve your academic performance. There are certain scientific reasons behind the same. According to a study conducted by the University of British Columbia, regular aerobics and freehand exercises help in boosting the size of the part of the brain that is involved in learning. It increases oxygen flow in the brain and also enhances the thinking ability.
As physical exercise helps you to release any kind of mental stress, the first tip is to exercise regularly while you prepare for your exams.  This step is great to assure mental peace in the students.
Healthy Diet is the Magic:-
A practice of eating healthy should be maintained all throughout the year.  However, at the time of examination, adequate nourishment is required to fuel the body and mind so that it can aid in memory retention. If you maintain a healthy diet in the exam season, you can notice significant changes in your mental health. At this time, your mind is stressed and you can get indigestion problems if you consume oily and spicy food.
It is suggested to the students to include vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish and chicken in their regular diet. Also, it is better to cook them in low oil and spice. A light recipe will never give you indigestion problems. Moreover, your body and mind will also remain fresh. Apart from that, it will also help to fulfil all your nutritional needs and your body can perform at an optimum level. It also helps to prevent different types of illness that can be harmful when you try to focus on studies.
Getting Sufficient Sleep:-
In the rush to finish the huge syllabus, the most needed thing is often forgotten. Most of the students have a tendency of cutting down on sleeping time and studying more. But, it can have adverse effect on your health if you make it a habit. It is very important to get adequate sleep to stay healthy. Students who are preparing for the exams need at least 7-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis.
At this time, your mind is always active as you involve in studying for the better part of the day. Thus, your mind needs proper relaxation as well. If you do not allow your mind to sleep, it might get tired very easily. Thus, it can also affect your memory and registering power. It is found that students who receive adequate sleep usually score better in their examination.
Allow Some Relaxation Time Between Work:-
Studying without a break can be very tiring for your mental health. Even if you think that you are running in short of time, a 5 minutes break is mandatory to allow your mind to release the stress. Too much burden of the syllabus can make you more stressed.
Thus, to regain your focus, it is helpful to allow breaks within your stipulated time. You can go for a walk or can enjoy an episode of your favourite web series. It is really helpful and will motivate you to start studying afresh. 
Keep Yourself Hydrated:-
To ensure a good health during your exam, it is indeed important for you to drink plenty of water. Sometimes, while focusing on your study, you may forget to drink adequate water. But, remember that your body needs a certain amount of water to remain hydrated.
John, academic expert at Dissertationproviders says “ Always keep your water bottle handy and drink between your works.  While you maintain a healthy diet, to drink the amount of water right is also very important. Thus, make sure you do it religiously. “
Limit the Consumption of Caffeine:-
Too much of consumption of caffeine with sugar can have a detrimental effect on your overall health. It is understandable that when you have to study hard, a cup of coffee is helpful to concentrate. However, too much of it can fatten you up and also cause disease like diabetes.
Two cups of coffee in a day can be allowed. But, if you make it a habit of drinking coffee or other energy drink while studying, it will definitely not help you to perform well in your examination.
Avoid Procrastination During Your Study Time:-
Some of you might have the habit of procrastinating even if you know that your exam is just a few months away. When you waste time, you rush at the end to get yourself prepared. Remember, a systematic study help in avoiding a lot of stress at the last moment.
It is suggested to organize your time and refrain from involving in any other activities at that moment. This will help you avoid rushing at the last hour. Moreover, completing the syllabus will ensure that your stress level will be low.
Meditate to Keep Yourself Motivated:-
This is also a very positive way to release stress. Apart from that, it would also help you to keep yourself motivated during the exams.  When you meditate during the dawn, then your mind and body become fresh and you remain energetic the whole day.
Meditation can also help you to concentrate more on your studies. Sometimes, it may happen that while studying your mind can get diverted in different things. If you indulge your mind and body in meditation and make it a habit, you can notice remarkable changes in your health. Also, your performance will increase and an extraordinary change in your result will be noticed.
Thus, if you want to earn your desired grades in the semester, make choices that will not affect your health. Follow the above-mentioned useful tips to remain strong and achieve success.
Author Bio:- 
Nathan Williams
Nathan William provides assignment help service to the students in association with He has completed his graduation from the University of Oxford. His flawless service in the field of academic assistance is recommended by students.


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