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8 Steps To Set Up Your Cannabis Grow Room




Cannabis Grow Room Indoors

A grow room is an interior area dedicated to cultivating indoor plants, specifically cannabis. It should be enclosed from the outdoors and properly ventilated. It could be a garage, a barn, an attic, a basement up to a massive space for commercial farming.

The size varies depending on the amount of weed you want to grow and the space available for the grow room. If you are a sick person cultivating cannabis for its therapeutic benefits, the amount of cannabis will depend on your medical condition and the frequency of ingestion based on the doctor’s prescription.

We prepared an 8-step guide to help you construct the ideal grow room for a bountiful harvest.

Step 1 - Finding the Perfect Space for Growing

Cannabis cultivation in a grow room poses a unique challenge to any grower. The plant is sensitive to temperature, light, tissue damage, and more. 

With that said, It’s illogical to grow cannabis inside if you don’t have control of the surroundings. You want a spot where there’s not much noise, foot traffic, secluded, and you can oversee the cannabis plant’s mature. 

The basement is a good location since it’s underground, the temperature is steady. The mercury takes more time to go down or rise up than above ground. It is cool during sizzling summer and keeps the frost away during winter months.

If you live in a small unit, do not place your weed garden next to the entrance. A cupboard or a wall space will do. Avoid locations with direct sunlight, it will wilt from the heat.

Research about the cannabis plant you intend to raise the grow room should match its features. 

Step 2 - Clean the Room 

Clean the area and remove anything literally leaving only the walls, ceiling, and floor. An unkempt room invites bacteria, germs, and mold placing your cannabis plants at risk of disease. Don’t spare the nooks and crannies which accumulate dust, a habitat for bacteria that might end up in your plants.

Use water and a cleaning agent to disinfect the surroundings.

Dogs and cats are not welcome, they are playful creatures and might damage your crop. Their furry coats carry mites and microbes with the potential to spoil your yield. Don’t forget the puddle and pile they may leave emitting a foul odor and more germs.

Plug entry points of creepy crawlers such as mice, cockroaches, and pathogens they might end up high on Cloud 9.

Pick up the leaves that fell and remove those that are turning yellow. 

Step 3 - Configuring the Space 

Plan your space, measure the length, width, and height. Prepare a sketch from these measurements.

Research about the physical features of the cannabis plant of your choice, such as the height and width during full growth.

Consider a 1-foot clearance between the container and the ground and lamps need about 1 foot of hanging space. There should be a separation from plants to avoid touching leaves and ease in maintenance.

Include these factors in your sketch to determine the number of plants in your grow room.

Step 4 - Fresh Air Circulation

The grow room should be well-ventilated to maintain good airflow. Cannabis plants love moving air, it improves the growth of the stems and stalks making it healthy for a high yield.

If there are no chimneys or windows nearby, install ventilation pipes to keep the air fresh. Use fans to keep the air circulating and to expel any strong odor.

Step 5 - Ensure Proper Watering Source 

A water source nearby will make your life easier. Cannabis requires great amounts of water to thrive and you’ll spend valuable time in watering without a water source in your grow room. Extend a hose from a faucet to your grow room.

Never use rainwater, you can never tell what you’re giving them. 

Step 6 - Grow Room Flooring

A concrete or tiled floor will work well for a grow room. Pesky insects will have no place to hide and it is easier to clean.

If the floor is not tiled you can place vinyl on top and its easy to wipe any drop of water from containers.

Step 7 - Grow Room Lights

Secure your lighting system by installing hooks, rings, or pulleys into the ceiling. Be certain that electrical fixtures are tight and safe from breakage.

Block the window or any source of natural light with reflective sheeting. It blocks natural light and it keeps light from getting out, keeping the lighting cycle properly maintained.

Step 8 - Have the Necessary Tools

With the right tools, a cannabis grower can get the best out of their crop during the harvest season.

A hygrometer and thermometer gauge will provide a reading of the surrounding air temperature and humidity during daytime or nighttime. A change in environmental conditions will trigger an alarm to alert you that something is wrong. Maintaining a temperate environment guarantees that your plant will live well. 

With a pH meter, the acidity levels of the soil can be monitored during the growth. The pH levels are vital for feeding and measuring growth acidity.

Author’s Bio
Rebecca Akers is an enthusiastic and creative writer at THC Design. Her main goal is to spread information about growing cannabis and its health benefits.

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