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A Guide to a Career in Healthcare Administration




Healthcare equipment and paperwork

If you want to work in the field of healthcare but don’t want to be involved in the day to day care of patients, a position in the area of healthcare administration might be for you. Doctors and nurses are the most obvious careers you think about in healthcare, but there are a wide range of other roles that are just as important. Doctors and nurses would not be able to provide the correct level of care without the help of those behind the scenes. To run effectively, any healthcare system needs good managers.
What Qualifications are Required?
For an entry level position in healthcare administration, the minimum educational requirement is a degree. There are a few to choose from including:
As well as an appropriate educational qualification a healthcare administrator also needs to be able to communicate well, understand the concepts of basic management, be good leaders, have business planning skills, and be able to carry out measurable analysis.
Career Options
There are a range of different functions within the field of healthcare administration. Managing medical records, human resources, business development, and accounting are just a few examples. Aside from the most obvious role of hospital administrator, a person with a degree in healthcare administration is also suitable for the following positions.
  • Medical Staff Directors – in charge of keeping staff credentials up to date, performing job assessments and keeping track of minutes at meetings
  • Social Media Manager – responsible for keeping social media information up to date, raising awareness of the hospital and its services, tracking patient satisfaction
  • Patient Care Coordinators – managing the after care of patients and fostering the smooth transition when patients progress through different levels of care
  • Telehealth Program Managers – managing communications between nurses, patients and physicians
  • Training and Development Manager – managing the training and develop of medical professionals and implementing important training practices
Work Environments
Healthcare administration career opportunities can be found in a range of different organisations. They include small private practices, large hospitals, and government-operated healthcare facilities. Employment can be found in a range of different health clinics, many of which will be dedicated to a certain patient group. They can also include addiction and recovery services, palliative or hospice care
Roles aren’t necessarily in your country of residence either as there are many different international healthcare practices that require the services of an administrator. Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, the Peace Corps, and other relief organisations are just some examples.  
Care of the elderly is another area where opportunities are available, such as assisted living, occupational therapy, or rehabilitation facilities. 
Choosing a career in healthcare administration is a good career choice to make and promises plenty of opportunities for further development and professional progress. It provides high levels of job satisfaction and security and is a role that is rewarding as you are providing a useful, appreciated and respected contribution to society.




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