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A Guide to Reaching Ketosis Quickly




Olive oil poured over a salad as part of a ketogenic diet

Deciding to be on a keto diet is a big step towards changing your lifestyle for the better. Beginning a ketogenic diet is not necessarily the difficult thing, getting into ketosis is typically the most challenging part. Ketosis refers to a process through which the body system starts generating ketones and begins to burn the fat it has accumulated for energy.

Besides being an effective method of losing weight, the keto diet helps in balancing hormones, improving mental recognition and also treating many diseases such as epilepsy and diabetes. Nevertheless, getting into ketosis can appear as a long process sometimes. The days seem to drag a lot slower until you are finally in ketosis. Here is a guide from start to finish to help you get into ketosis quickly.


We are not saying that you fast all day long without taking anything. You should set a certain time, maybe 6 or 7 at night, and avoid eating anything until breakfast time the next day. That can be difficult for some, particularly the ones that are used to excessive snacking whether it includes keto snacks or not.

The more you eat, the more your body will have a lot to break down. However, if you cut down on food at a particular point, then your body system will begin to use what it has left as energy until your next meal. That means that it can begin burning all the surplus fat in your body, and this form of intermittent fasting has more effect on your system than beginning ketosis. However, remember to remain hydrated throughout the entire process to avoid any complications to your body.

Cut on Carbs

This one may be somehow obvious because a ketogenic diet will force you to reduce your carbs intake anyway. The sooner you can avoid carbs, the faster your system will eliminate all the fat it uses for energy, and only then can your system begin to become a good fat burner.
Watch your protein consumption

Because you are not eating many carbs, it can be relatively easy to increase your protein intake, which may sound good but can harm you eventually. When you take a lot of protein, the excess amount will convert into fat taking you back at the beginning point again. To avoid this, ensure that you include a healthy balance of protein in your diet because the excess protein will result in high insulin levels that encourage fat storage.

Increase Your Intake of Healthy Fat

For every ketogenic diet, you are going to take more fats. You should make sure that you consume healthy fats though, mostly the ones you get from coconut oil, olive oil, and butter. Avoid any processed oils because they come with a lot of additions that you don't need. Fewer carbs and more fat means you are on your way to a healthy and fatless body.


Exercising is an excellent way to accelerate the ketosis process. By working out, you will be burning fat much faster, because your system has to look for its fuel within the shortest time possible. If you increase your physical workouts, there is no reason why your body shouldn't reach ketosis much faster.

These guidelines don't guarantee to put your system into ketosis quickly, but they will help you a lot. Everyone's body will react relatively different to a ketogenic diet. If you decide to stick with this diet, you are certain you will get into ketosis in the long run, and you will be on your way to getting rid of that unwanted fat you want to shed.

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  • Guest - Keto Girl

    Do a couple of your own research to find out just what sort of Ketosis you should be getting. Moving forward, that isn't where my Weight Lose works well for me. That is what Ketosis teaches you although you are living proof of it. It is how to cure problems with your Ketosis.
    Weight Lose is not my cup of tea. You can even request an online Keto tour. Yes, "Life is a bitch." I've decided that I haven't gotten enough of Weight Loss and at the other end you have Keto. The convenience of Weight Loss Diets cannot be too understated.

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