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A List Of Your Top Options For Protecting Yourself And Your Family From The Dangers Of EMFs




A Couple Using Smartphones

This modern age has brought with it some great rewards and advantages, and we can now communicate with each other even if we are thousands of kilometres apart, thanks to cell phones and the Internet, and we can also learn about the world and what’s going on around us with televisions and other gadgets. But all the electronic activity surrounding us can’t be good, can it? Well, it turns out that the answer is no – it can't be good for us and our bodies and general wellness. The thing is that almost all appliances and electronic gadgets produce electromagnetic fields, and whilst electromagnetic fields are a crucial and necessary element in the fabric of the physical world, too much exposure to them can be harmful as well. If you are becoming increasingly worried about EMF radiation, here's a list of your top options for protecting yourself and your entire family from the dangers of EMFs.  

   1. Reduce Your Sources 

First off, you can try reducing your sources of electromagnetic fields. The fact is, the more gadgets, devices, and appliances you have, the more exposed you are to electromagnetic field radiation. This is especially true since more gadgets today can easily connect to apps via wireless networks and frequencies, which emit high levels of radiation. If you do away with sources of EMF, then this automatically means that you will do away with EMF radiation. But even if you disconnect your entire household almost all the time, you still have to contend with the environment, which is rife with Wi-Fi connections and hotspots, towers for cell phones, and even your own neighbours connecting to their own Wi-Fi networks. This brings us, then, to the next best option: time.

   2. Reduce Your Exposure Time 

It takes time for EMF radiation to affect any individual because the energy can only change your cells gradually over a period. If you are only exposed to electromagnetic fields at certain hours of the day, then you may well reduce the effect of the radiation on your body as well. For instance, one very simple thing you can do is to turn off your mobile phone when you don't need it or aren't using it. Another simple task you can do is turn off your computer or laptop when you are not using it, either. The same holds true for other appliances such as televisions, microwave ovens, radios, and so on. Unplug all these appliances when you can so you can limit your exposure. 

   3. Magnify Your Distance

Yet another option would be to magnify your distance. What this means is that you should keep yourself at a distance from any source of radiation. Take your cell phone – even if you have to carry it around with you, you don't have to keep it in your pocket. You can place it in a bag or purse away from direct contact with your body. You can also keep it on speaker mode when using it rather than putting it directly to your ear. And to protect yourself even further, you can use EMF protection products which are specially designed to combat the effects of EMFs, and these include stones and crystals, pendants, protection shields, and other all-natural products which can benefit you in many ways.  

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