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Ad Blocker: Is There An Extension For Chrome?




Ad Blocker For Chrome

Surely it has happened to you that when browsing the web you come across an endless amount of advertisements. Interrupting important or free streaming activities, the truth is that they are quite annoying and complex opportunities to get rid of them.

I'm asking if there is any way to block or remove the ads, and the good news is yes! Here we show you how to improve your web experience by simply installing an ad blocker extension in your Chrome browser.

What Is An Ad Blocker?

An ad blocker is an application installed through an extension in our browser. By installing a blocker we authorize it to run background tasks as we interact on the web.

These actions that the ad blocker is executing enable the release and make interaction on the internet lighter. Among the functions of the blocker are the following:

Block pop-ups

We all know how annoying they are. Pop-up windows seem to multiply and sometimes closing one manually causes others to appear. By installing an ad blocker, you can forget about this problem, as non-website content does not appear.

Block the appearance of unwanted banners

You have surely noticed that when entering a website, banners appear at the top or bottom, often making it difficult to view the content. These types of ads can also be blocked by installing an extension.

Block ads on free streaming portals

Browsing on portals like YouTube or live streaming websites will no longer be a problem. The ad blocker takes care of eliminating the advertising blitz so that we can enjoy the content without problems.

Block misleading offers

Many times when browsing there are content download links that lead us to see advertising. To avoid these annoying inconveniences, the ad blocker is in charge of discarding false links that only look for visualizations to generate money to third parties.

Why Should You Install An Ad Blocker?

The advertising era has undergone considerable changes. Since the digital age has led to at least 40 percent of advertising now being done on the internet. Invading the privacy of people when browsing the web and social networks, forcing them to see unwanted ads to access the content.

Generally, most advertising is placed on the website by its owners to generate revenue from views. But this becomes a mandatory process of consuming unwanted advertising. By installing an extension in your browser to block ads, you can get rid of this problem, after all, viewing advertising is not mandatory for internet users.

Among the unwanted advertisements are those of an obscene type, related to sexual content. Many of them with false offers in search of information theft or to install a virus. So installing an ad blocker can help us avoid these unpleasant drawbacks.

Benefits Of Installing An Ad Blocker

Installing an ad blocker has multiple benefits, but below we mention the three most fundamental to place one in our browser:

Light navigation

By decreasing the number of ads blocked by the extension, browsing becomes more fluid. Blocking the ads on the website allows the website to load the content more efficiently and for the most correct display.

Informatics security

Many advertising companies hire data tracking software to obtain information about user behavior on the network and thus recognize their possible interests. By installing an ad blocker you protect your information and you can surf the internet safely.

Keep your computer virus-free

The vast majority of viruses that enter to your computer come from clicking deceptive advertising on the web. Or also when trying to download content without success and end up being redirected to a fake website. That is why it is important to have an ad blocker installed to prevent us from falling into web offers that seek to harm us.

The Best Ad Blocker For Chrome

After knowing the benefits of installing an ad blocker in your web browser, you surely want to know which the best is. If you are using the Google Chrome browser we have the perfect recommendation for you.

This is AdBlocker, an extension developed by the Trusnav Company which is fully compatible with Chrome. If you are working from home during this quarantine and want the web work process to be fluid, we recommend the installation of this extension.

The installation of Adblocker will improve your experience on free streaming pages, freeing you from all advertisements and allowing you to access content without interruption.

By installing the Adblocker extension in your Chrome browser, it protects your computer security. Well, this blocker aside from hiding advertising, also removes your trace from them and hides you from advertising companies that seek to get your data. This is possible thanks to the combined work with SafeSearch, another web software developed by Trusnav which is included in the ad blocker.

If you want to improve your internet experience and get rid of those annoying ads, we invite you to install this ad blocker.

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