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Benefits of a Residential Treatment Center




Massage TherapyThere are substance abuse cases that are best treated on an outpatient basis but some require a more private and round-the-clock approach. This means enrolling in an in-patient rehabilitation program where the patient will stay for 30, 60, or 90 days so they can receive 24/7 care. The length of the stay will depend on various factors like the kind of substance used, the severity of the case, the medications needed, and the degree of care required. 

When Is a Residential Treatment Center the Better Option?

A safe space is vital to the success of any addiction treatment program. It allows the patient to reset their body, mind, and spirit. It also keeps the patient away from factors that can disrupt recovery like triggers and negative influences.

Recovering victims who continue to be exposed to triggers and people who encouraged substance abuse can hinder them from continuing treatment and can lead to relapse. 

Similarly, living in or frequent visits to a high-stress home or work environment that have led patients to turn to substance abuse are counterproductive. 

For these reasons, a residential treatment center is many times the best course of action. It removes patients from potentially dangerous environments until they are fully recovered and ready for reintegration. 

Here are the other benefits of an in-house treatment facility:

Treatment Focus 

In a residential treatment facility, patients can focus on getting well. All activities in their tailored programs are geared toward helping them stay on track. Without distractions like outside influences, access to addictive substances, negativity as well as pressure from their workplace and families, patients get to concentrate on detoxification, treatment, and recovery.   

Structured Daily Activities

A rehab facility has structured daily activities that include counseling, physical therapy, and group sessions. There is a sense of purpose each day and patients have something to look forward to as they immerse in worthwhile tasks that were developed to help them stay clean and well.

Holistic Treatments

A residential treatment center can offer a variety of treatments encompassing physical, psychological, and spiritual matters. Because substance abuse can be caused by many factors, a holistic program is important for a recovering patient. 

Rediscovering Life’s Meaning

Patients also go on trips as a group. This may include beach holidays, picnics, environmental clean-up drives, or outdoor sports activities to help them unlearn bad habits and acquire more positive ones. Activities like these remind them that having fun and enjoying life despite its challenges is possible without addictive substances. It allows them to see life with a better perspective and appreciate their role in the community as sober, responsible individuals.

Education About Their Condition

An in-house program delves deeper into the patient’s case and helps them determine the root cause of their addiction, their recovery and post-recovery goals, and how to overcome the pitfalls that led them to their addiction. It teaches the patient new skills that are relevant to their goals as well as values and strategies for staying sober, positive, and resilient.

Support Group

A residential rehab center provides a recovery community that helps reinforce a patient’s resolve to get clean and stay that way. There is a strong sense of empathy among patients and from therapists in group sessions. 

Maximum Privacy 

In-house treatment facilities provide discreet services. They respect each patient’s privacy and only allow family or friends to visit. They also have rules that keep third parties from entering their premises without permission and prevent staff and patients from sharing confidential information. 

Heal in a Place That Feels Like Home

A residential treatment center - should feel like home — warm, nurturing, understanding, and supportive. Genesis House was built on this principle and continues to be managed by one family on a mission. It is committed to helping addicted individuals get back to living full, productive lives by providing a safe place that’s equipped with the professionals and amenities they need. 

Located in Lake Worth, FL and surrounded by palm trees and other refreshing greens, Genesis House is your treatment and recovery home away from home. 

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