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Best Casino Game: Slots, Roulette Or Blackjack?




When it comes to a great casino, it really only needs three games. It needs to have slots, it needs gamblers to play roulette, and it needs to have blackjack. Anything else is a bonus, but it probably won’t be the reason anyone visits; the three types of games mentioned above are what people want and if a casino, online or offline, has them, they will have customers too.

So out of these three games, which one should have the crown as being the ultimate casino game? Let’s look at them all and find out.

Roulette Wheel Lit by Green Neon Light


Slots are the loud game, the exciting game, the game that calls to anyone entering a traditional casino or logging into an online one. It’s the one that gets noticed the most. There is a reason they are put near the entrance and why they are the first thing you’ll see online. They entice people to play, and that’s important. 

More than that, they are fun. Slots are the game that everyone instinctively knows how to play, and that means a lot – there is no need to learn different rules and understand how things work. If you want to play slots, you can. Pay the money, hit a button, and the rest is down to luck so enjoy the experience. And of course, if you’re playing a linked game with a progressive jackpot, the winnings are extraordinarily high, heading off into the millions on a regular basis. 


Roulette is really just as exciting as slots, but it’s a much quieter, perhaps some would say more sophisticated kind of game. There is an element of glamour to it as well; this is what James Bond and other high rollers would sink their teeth into at a casino. 

But on top of this glitz and glamour, there is definitely excitement. The outcome of where the little silver ball is going to land each time it spins around the wheel is enough to keep people playing (and watching) and it’s why people love roulette so much. Again, as with slots, there are no rules to learn and no need to possess any specific skills. With a budget in place to stop any overspending, roulette offers the chance of slots but with a calmer air for those who need some quiet time once in a while. 


Blackjack always draws the crowds and there is a good reason for that – it’s another thoroughly exciting game. But this one, unlike most other casino games, does require an element of skill. It’s not much, but it’s enough to set it apart from the rest. 

The rules are few, and they are easy to get to grips with, so even first time players can soon get into the swing of things. The main aim of the game is to get closer to a score of 21 across the cards than the dealer (no matter how many people are playing, it’s only the dealer you need to worry about). That’s it. 


When it comes to determining which is the best of slots, roulette, or blackjack, it’s a hard choice. Each one is exciting in its own way, and most of the time you’re working on luck rather than skill (even in blackjack luck plays a big part). In the end, it’s really going to be down to personal preference, so try all three and see what you like to play best.

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