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Biogas is the Energy Source of the Future




Diagram showing how a biogas system works

With the climate changing, and not in a positive way, any renewable energy source is music to the ears of most people. It is important because it exemplifies a way we can use an energy source without messing up our environment further. The changing climate has come with intense droughts and Mother Nature going to destructive extremes.
With this in mind, and with a damaged ozone layer, it is more important than ever to invest in a clean and renewable energy source. The future of the Earth depends on it. Biogas has quickly become a significant energy source that contributes to the electricity generated throughout the world. Find out more about the need for biogas by clicking on MBP Solutions and read on to learn more.
Materials used to create biogas include:
  • Animal waste
  • Sewage
  • Crops
  • Forestry
  • Industrial residue
  • Municipal waste
Why is it Gaining Popularity so Fast?
In the beginning, biogas was used for cooking and heating needs. These days, it is used for other energy related purposes. With the rate at which biogas is gaining popularity as an alternative energy resource and especially because it is biodegradable, it is expected to account for at least a third of all energy consumption in the near future. For now, biogas takes up just a fifth of the energy that is consumed in the world.
Both rural and urban areas are already benefiting from biogas and quite a number of jobs have been created as a result. 
The Creation of Biogas
Most of it is made as a landfill gas because the gas is made from breaking down biodegradable waste found within the landfill. Most biogas is first created as a landfill gas. The decomposing waste causes a chemical reaction which results in biogas. 
Here is Why Using Biogas is Important
  • Greenhouse gases can be significantly reduced by the systems which are used to make biogas. This is because these systems have the ability to reduce the need to use fossil fuels.
  • The provision of an energy source which does not pollute the environment and which is also renewable, keeps harmful emissions out of the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Biogas is a pocket-friendly source of electricity that can provide substantial energy to the world.
  • Waste products can be used to create fuel, especially in areas that have no access to conventional electricity supplies. This could go a long way in preventing deforestation.
Benefits of Having Biogas
      1. It is Cheap to Produce
Compared to traditional electricity generation, biogas is relatively cheap to produce and the raw materials to make it are renewable and not likely to run out. It is therefore a steady source of energy unlike conventional electricity which is barely enough as it is. Biofuel can also be used in vehicles. Lastly, it can be produced in small as well as large amounts i.e. it is a scalable source of energy.
      2. Biogas Creates Income Earning Opportunities 
Biogas plants provide employment for local residents wherever they may be. Moreover, the presence of power in any community causes business opportunities that would previously have been impossible without power. Setting up small companies to produce biogas for the community does not cost much. Moreover, the homes, institutions and businesses around could benefit from having cheap electricity.
      3. Biogas is Renewable
This means that it can be constantly produced without the risk of running out of fuel. It is difficult for the planet to run on the non-renewable sources of energy that currently exist. Since biogas is produced from natural waste products, there is no possibility of it ever running out. 
It is clearly possible that biogas is going to be the energy source to fuel the world in years to come. It not only provides a source of energy that is clean and inexhaustible, but also creates employment opportunities wherever it is set up. In addition, it is a lot cheaper than the non-renewable energy that the world is using currently, and does not emit noxious fumes at source or globally.

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