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Casinos are no longer a man's world. They were once, but they're not anymore! The world of casinos has evolved a lot in the past twenty years. Once upon a time, you'd have to go to Las Vegas if you wanted to find a casino that could offer you a fine dining experience along with some gambling and gaming, but that isn't the case in the here and now. You can now easily find online slots right here. Going to a high-end casino doesn't just involve winning or losing money at the slots and gaming tables; it should, at the very least, include a good meal, and if you've chosen your casino particularly well it might even involve a show. 

The world of casinos has been dragged closer to the world of entertainment through necessity. Ever since the dawn of the internet, casino venues have been doing battle with their digital equivalents. The very existence of mobile slots means that people can sit at home and play UK online slots happily, and don't need to get dressed up and go outside to do it. Your mobile slots game doesn't care whether or not you're wearing a cocktail dress. Your mobile slots game also doesn't keep offering you drinks between each bet you take and thereby affecting your judgment! Dinner and a show, however, is something that mobile slots and online casinos can't offer, and that's where the better casinos have pitched their branding. 

Now that the feel of a casino is more like a theater than a boys club, it's increasingly common to see a 50/50 gender split when you walk into one. Women aren't just turning up either; they're winning big - Victoria Coren-Mitchell became the first-ever two-time winner of the European Poker Tour in 2014. If you pick up the right skills, you might be able to join her - but first, you need to get through the door, and that means knowing what to wear! It's easy for men to dress for the occasion - all they need to do is put on a tuxedo or a good suit - but what's the expected standard for women? 

The truth of the matter is that expected standards of dress can vary from location to location, but for the purposes of this article, we'll assume that you're visiting a classy establishment - and we'll try to ensure that you don't end up either over or under-dressed!

Go With Fitted Clothes

You need to feel comfortable as well as looking great. Bear in mind that casino floors are busy and are full of tables and other surfaces that clothes can easily snag on if they're not fitted. The last thing you want to do is put one of your favorite long dresses on and then have someone stand on it. You're also likely to spend quite a long time sitting at a table, so you want something that's comfortable to sit down in, and won't catch on your chair. Billowing dresses are fine for a dance floor or a night at the opera, but they're not practical inside a casino. 

Pantsuits Or Cocktail Dresses Work

As we’re ruling out anything long or flowing, then pantsuits or cocktail dresses are the answer. There’s never a bad time to wear a pantsuit - many people considered them to be the look of the year twelve months ago - and they can be perfect for a casino setting. They're practical as well as stylish, and they also suggest that you have a harder edge to you. That's ideal if you're going to sit at a poker table and want to give the impression that you're all business. A cocktail skirt is also fine if you're happy to embrace your femininity, and it won't look out of place no matter what type of casino you decide to visit. Upmarket casinos encourage formal clothing, but they also want to carry the atmosphere of a party as opposed to a funeral. Don't be afraid to add a little flair to your dress or pantsuit with a few accessories. 

Leave Your Sneakers At Home

You've probably already worked out that it wouldn't be a great idea to wear high heels to a casino, and you're right to hold that opinion. You're likely to be doing a lot of walking between tables, and after a while, it will become uncomfortable. That doesn't mean that sneakers are a good choice, though. As is the case with nightclubs, you'll find a lot of places simply won't let you in if you're wearing sneakers at all. You may also come across the same problem if you turn up wearing flip-flops or open-toed shoes, so rule them out as options. A short heel or a flat shoe made of a formal material will do just fine. At the risk of being boring, flat black shoes are an acceptable standard no matter where you go. 

Suggest Wealth

This is a tip that’s only for those who plan to sit at the tables and try their hand at the casino games against other people! You can’t bluff a roulette wheel or a slot, but you can bluff another player. Nobody knows your level of experience when you sit down at a poker table, but they’ll try to work it out based on how you present yourself, and what you’re wearing. This means that a casino is a rare chance to be as ostentatious as possible. Pick out all your best jewelry and accessories. Wear the rings you never wear, pick out your most showy necklace, add a bracelet or two, and maybe even put some clips in your hair. Give the other players the impression that you have a lot of money, and they might just start to believe that you’ve won some of that money at the tables. Any psychological advantage you can gain in a casino game is a good one, so take it!

We know that this is a predictable thing to say, but if all else fails, go with a little black dress. They’re a cliche for a reason - they work well at almost any occasion, and they’ll be stylish and practical at the same time. You certainly won’t be the only person there wearing one - although that alone might be a good reason to deviate from the norm!



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