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Clearing Up Some Myths About Vaping




Man preparing vaping equipment

With the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes and the vaping trend, critics have come out of the woodwork to start to build up a number of rumours around this particular movement. Myths around vaping have been present since e-cigarettes were first introduced in 2005, but here, we’re taking a closer look at these to help debunk some of the biggest myths! 

E-Cigarettes Are Explosive

This is one of the main reasons that the press has taken a negative angle on e-cigarettes and with a number of incidents, it’s easy to see how this has become a myth. Nevertheless, e-cigarettes are not explosive and they do not pose a threat of exploding in your hand or in your face. People would originally blame mods for this, but this is entirely untrue and instead, the safety issue comes from the addition of an external battery. When people make their own coils and make additions to their tanks, then they are increasing the risk of the batteries catching fire or ‘exploding’. However, store-bought e-cigarettes with reliable vape mods do not pose a risk. If you find your tank is beginning to overheat, then it is likely the battery needs replacing – but the chances of this actually causing an issue is minimal. 

E-Liquids Contain Anti-Freeze

While there is a very small element of truth in this, the myth comes from the truth being stretched as far as possible. E-liquids do contain an ingredient known as propylene glycol and this ingredient can be found in anti-freeze, however it is added to anti-freeze in order to help reduce the harmfulness of the chemicals in the event that anti-freeze is swallowed at all. Interestingly enough, a fact which many people do not complain about, is that propylene glycol is also featured in Fireball Whiskey and is therefore not a harmful chemical whatsoever. Vape juice does not contain anti-freeze, no matter how much someone may try to convince you that it does. 

Nicotine Causes Cancer

This is one of the biggest myths around for both e-cigarette smokers and regular smokers. In fact, nicotine itself does not cause cancer. It is not a carcinogen which is what is likely to cause cancer in a human body, and as a result is unable to cause the cells to grow. In fact, a number of studies have specifically stated that there is absolutely no link between nicotine and cancer – it is the thousands of other chemicals and the carcinogens that are present within the cigarettes that does. Nicotine is actually the addictive element within a cigarette, and interestingly enough, there are a number of e-liquids which can be purchased which are completely nicotine-free, taking this factor out of vaping completely! 

Vaping Is As Dangerous As Cigarettes

While many people originally believed that e-cigarettes were dangerous to human health, the first long-term study on vaping and the effects that it can have on your health showed that the number of chemicals that are found in e-cigarettes is actually significantly less than that of cigarettes. Of course, this doesn’t meant that vaping is necessarily ‘healthy’ but it is a positive sign that e-cigarettes offer a healthier alternative to regular cigarette smoking. 

As you can see, there are a broad number of myths to do with vaping, and we have covered just a few of the biggest ones here. Keeping an open-mind and finding out the truth when looking for information on vaping is imperative to ensure that you are only getting the facts and not the scaremongering myths.

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