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Common Myths about Male Sexuality




Man and Woman Under a Duvet

Sex is a natural thing and a need of every living being. From the 'practical' side, there really would be no civilization as you know it today without this activity. Also, making love is excellent stress relief, and it has many other health benefits too. Find out more at this link.

There are many stigmas related to sex observed from the male side. Numerous myths and inaccurate facts have emerged from this, making women think that men view sex solely as a trivial enjoyment and a need to 'get it out.'

Men are not really 'simple' when it comes to sex. Sure, they have different thoughts from women, but far from not appreciating the act of making love, especially with their loved ones. That is why it's necessary to debunk certain myths about male sexuality.

Men Are Always in the Mood

Every sexually mature human being loves and enjoys sex. For some reason, men are marked as loyal fans of intercourse, while women are the ones who are not always in the mood. That is actually the biggest misconception about male sexuality. Men are not sex machines, but living beings who have their ups and downs.

Contrary to popular belief, the average man is not always in the mood. Maybe that's the situation with teenagers who have just reached full maturity. But in guys in their late twenties and older, sex is not always the first thing on their minds.

The reason is simple - making love is not their only obligation in life. An adult man has to think about many things - family, work, finances, and only then about sex. Of course, this doesn't mean that making love is irrelevant to them, but only that they also have their 'I have a headache' days.

Round after Round

Couple Cuddling on Sofa

All those who claim to have ejaculated and started a new round right after are bluffing. At a younger age, a man in love needs a few minutes of break after each sexual intercourse to reach full strength again. This rest period increases with age because the body needs more and more time to create a new ejaculate.

Orgasm and ejaculation in a man are not necessarily the same nor conditioned. These are two separate processes that most often occur in harmony. In simple words, a man can cum without ejaculating, but that’s not something they should experience every time they have sex. 

On the source below, check more info about ‘dry’ orgasm in males: 

An orgasm is the culmination of emotional and physical experience. On the other hand, ejaculation is a reflex of the pelvic muscles, which ends with the secretion of sperm. Once the 'tank' (testicles) is empty, it takes some time to fill up. That is what the break between sex rounds is for.

Condom Is a Mood Killer

It's the 21st century, and sex is no longer a taboo topic, nor is the use of condoms. Still, there is a delusion among many men that this thin piece of latex is responsible for reducing the enjoyment of sex. This fact is far from the truth, primarily if it's known that the most crucial thing for reaching a pleasure is the psyche, not the 'tools.'

Putting on a condom when you are turned on may not be the most romantic move. Still, everyone must be aware of the risks posed by sexually transmitted diseases and the consequences that an unwanted pregnancy brings. 

Anyone who believes that there is any risk during sexual intercourse must wear a condom. Safe sex can give you the ultimate pleasure and peace of mind, especially if you change partners often. Even science agrees that condom use is no obstacle to quality sex. 

Specific research shows that condoms sometimes slow down ejaculation in men, which suits many women. On the other hand, a group of scientists points out that the use of condoms doesn't affect the length of foreplay and the normal ejaculation in men. 

It’s a Matter of Size

Man With Tape Measure Over His Jeans

Psychologically speaking, a larger penis will have a positive effect on the male psyche. The proud owner will have more self-confidence and a chance to show off in front of women. Also, the bigger tool will leave a strong visual impression on the partner. Ladies usually think that's enough for greater satisfaction. But sexual satisfaction has nothing to do with penis size but with real and targeted stimulation.

The myth of the importance of size is, in fact, partly true. But not because of the size of the male sexual organ, but because every human has a unique anatomy. It means that the point of satisfaction (popular G spot) in women can be located in different places. It's about millimeters, but it can mean a lot when it comes to having sex.

The vagina is quite adaptable and can fit large and small penises with equal pleasure. There is no physiological reason why a more gifted man should give a woman more pleasure. Moreover, it could be just the opposite. A longer and thicker penis can cause pain inside the vagina.

No man should go that deep. The first third of the vagina contains the most nerve endings, which means that stimulation of that area brings the most pleasure. This fact supports the situations when women with less gifted men experience a mindblowing orgasm.

'It Happens to Everyone'

This is a sentence no man wants to hear. Nor to experience the thing behind it - the inability to satisfy his partner sexually. Whether it happens during foreplay or intercourse, the feeling is not pleasant at all. Most guys are ashamed of this situation, so they usually avoid determining the problem.

This failure indeed happens to many guys. If this unpleasant situation happened to you only once, you have most likely been tired or stressed. But, if this situation recurs, you should see a doctor and determine if it may be erectile dysfunction. Make this a regular check-up, especially if you change partners frequently.

Regardless of reducing hormones, a psychologically healthy man can rejoice and enjoy his sexuality until late old age. But erection problems can occur at any age. Until recently, it was thought that these conditions only affected older men. But studies showed that more and more young men suffer erectile dysfunction. 

If an erection problem prevents you from having sex, don’ be ashamed. The causes can be many, but only an expert can determine them. As with any diseases, the sooner ED is diagnosed, the greater the chance of a cure. This problem negatively affects the quality of a relationship. It also increases the risk of impotence and lowers men's self-confidence.

Sex Toys Are No-No

Most men would be thrilled with the idea of having someone else get involved in their sexual intercourse. But when it comes to sex toys as a part of this act, it's not exactly their favorite sexual fantasy. They view things like vibrators and stimulators as competition, not allies. That's why they often don't get the best out of these gadgets.

Men can use sex toys to give themselves and their partners a night to remember. It’s a big misconception that men need sexual aids because they can't satisfy their partners. If they use these gadgets in the right way, they can actually provide a woman with an unforgettable experience.

Even when you don't have a sex companion, it doesn't have to be an obstacle for you to experience a pleasure. Masturbation is a regular sexual activity that doesn't have to involve another person. There are various male masturbation devices on the market today that are entirely safe to use. And don't worry; you can't become addicted to using these gadgets.

Alcohol Get Men in Mood

Couple Drinking Red Wine

A few shots, or a couple of beers a week can't jeopardize sexual desire. But regular and excessive drinking kills male libido. From a medical point of view, too much alcohol prevents the blood's oxidation and its delivery to the genitals. Oxygen is in charge of increased sensitivity in the penis and testicles. Lack of this element slows down sexual satisfaction and orgasm.

Large amounts of drinks are not suitable for physical health, but alcohol can destroy the psyche too. It affects the development of many disorders involved with male sexuality. Drinking stops you from the feeling of pleasure of good sex and prevents the orgasm.

Apart from alcohol, drugs and opiates are the biggest enemies of male sexuality. Certain pills have a decrease in libido and a compromised erection as side effects. These must be listed on most registered medications. People taking drugs for treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and antidepressants can experience these adverse effects.

Men indeed think about sex more often than women. But it is also true that for them, this act is much more than the physical union of two bodies for the sake of pleasure. Guys feel best when they make love to someone they share emotions, not just a bed.

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