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Discover These Environmental-Friendly Golf Courses Around The World




Golf Course at Sunset
Photo by Christoph Keil on Unsplash

Sustainability is a trend that’s here to stay. Even golf clubs are making an effort to become eco-friendly, which is a huge step as maintaining a golf course can take a toll on the environment. 

If both golf and saving the planet are important to you, discover these environmentally-friendly golf courses around the world who have made the change. 

Emirates Golf Club, Dubai 

The Emirates Golf Club places emphasis on energy savings and leaving a low carbon footprint. They’re the proud recipient of the Efficient Use of Resources Award at the International Association of Golf Tour Operator Awards, thanks to their efficient use of water-saving technology. 

Since installing a new eco-friendly irrigation system a few years ago, the club has managed to reduce its water usage by more than 30%. Other changes include minimizing high-maintenance areas to reduce energy usage, switching to turf with reduced water requirements, and providing EV Green Chargers for electric cars. 

Another exciting and energy-saving feature is their LED lighting system, which allows golfers  to play a night round in excellent and energy-efficient conditions. 

Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore 

This gorgeous club recently won “World's Best Golf Club 2019” at the World Golf Awards. As for sustainability, it also scooped the “Sustainability Gamechanger and Sustainability Innovator” award at RHT RMF Gail Sustainability Awards. 

It features two lush courses and employs a variety of eco-friendly measures. One of their biggest initiatives is recycling rainwater to be used for irrigation. They’ve also committed to using lithium-ion-driven golf carts, bio-friendly products wherever possible, and are working on reducing the amount of plastic used at the club. 

They don’t stop there, though. SGC representatives meet regularly with other clubs to share their knowledge and encourage others to take their first steps towards sustainability. 

Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course, Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a bustling business location, so if you find yourself in the area you should certainly swing your clubs at Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau. 

Despite being sandwiched into the middle of a dense urban area, this club is serious about sustainability. They’ve incorporated initiatives such as solar-powered golf carts, using solar-powered catamarans to bring golfers to the island, and filtering out single-use plastics. 

They were the first golf course in Asia to receive certification from the Golf Environmental Organization. As well as the above measures, Kau Sai Chau has implemented a number of environmental projects over the years, including mangrove restoration and continuous water quality management. 

Their environmental education program is dedicated to emphasizing the importance of sustainability and showing that golf courses should be more than simply a place to hire golf clubs and hit a ball. 

Silver Lakes Golf Club, South Africa 

Don’t forget to take your hat and towel if you’re playing this course in South Africa’s summer!  Although water is abundant thanks to the river running through the area, they’ve taken steps to ensure that they can operate with as little water usage as possible. 

They’ve chosen a less thirsty grass turf, use organic fertilizers, and use variable speed drive pumps to manage water use. 

The course is also rife with wildlife and the course has been expanded specifically to widen the habitat for local species. 

Kiawah Island Resort, USA 

2021 will see the PGA Championship happening at Kiawah Island Resort. The entire resort is dedicated to being environmentally-friendly, using low-water Paspalum grass and following strict recycling policies (water and waste). 

It’s also a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, and they’re serious about wildlife conservation, safe and sustainable harvesting, and using sustainable products and packaging.

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