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Discussing What’s Involved In A Hair Follicle Drug Test




Hair Follicle Diagram

You may be wearing the $5000 suit, rocking the $200 haircut, and talking the priceless talk that only you can do so effortlessly and smoothly as if you were made for it, but all this can be taken away in an instant. 
If for some reason a random drug test was taking place at the office next week and you just took clients away for a weekend they’ll never forget which included an open bar, buffet for the masses and the occasional recreational puff of a green plant, you need to do something to pass this test. And quickly. 
There’s no need to panic, many a high-flyer has been in this exact situation and breezed on through, but there are steps and procedures that need to be followed and adhered to religiously. Click here for all you need to know about a hair follicle test and be one step ahead of the game at all times, prevention is better than cure as they like to say, am I right? 
How A Hair Follicle Test Works 
You may wonder why the firm doesn’t just do the usual urine test. While these do indicate whether the user has taken drugs in the past few days and would show up on the results chart with no issues, a hair drug test shows if the person has taken any non-prescriptive drugs or over-dosed on prescribed meds within the last 3 months (90days).
This method is used for high ranking positions to not only ensure the safety of the people around them who may be affected by them not properly conducting themselves in the workplace or efficiently carrying out their job but also if a person has been an addict and on the path to being clean and green again.
A piece of hair is snipped from the head and taken to the lab for extensive testing, and don’t be fooled into thinking if you shaved your head you’d be home free, this is not a viable solution. See here: what a previously employed lab scientist said and advised on the topic. 
Cannabis Being Rolled​Not only will you probably have ruined your million-dollar hairdo, but they simply take a hair sample from a different part of your body, armpits, chest, or face. And I doubt a full body wax is your cup of tea.
5 Ways To Do What You Can To Pass A Hair Drug Test 
  • Odds. If you’re applying for a job check the requirements before accepting an offer, does the company have a standard drug-testing system in place that is done at irregular and unpredictable times to catch employees off guard? Do you need to pass a test before being accepted into the program? Knowing where you stand on these, helps.
  • Product. What substance are they testing for, is it for alcohol, cocaine, or any type of opiates (watch this quick video to see what those are.) then try to ensure you are safe in your extra-curricular activities and not go overboard. There’s only so much a detox program can extract.
  • Speed up the detox. Drinking 8 glasses and more of water has been known to ‘help’ clear the system, the constant urinating certainly gets the ball rolling. If at all possible visit a gym sauna, the pores will excrete the substance quicker when you are enveloped in high-temperature steam.
  • Detox shampoo. This is the most effective method to date, there are various brands on the market but essentially produce the same results, and for those people who have a bit of time to manage. However, if you are pressed for time, use these products for a minimum of 15 times before the big day leaving to soak for 10 minutes each time.
  • DIY. When it is down to the wire and the test is tomorrow, yikes, there have been known home-remedies with the reasonable success of mixing white vinegar and salicylic acid acne medication and massaging into the scalp. While the smell is probably horrendous, it’s a small price to pay for keeping your job. 
There are worse things in life than failing a drug test so don’t overthink it too much, it might just be your day if you have had no time to ‘prepare’, and for some reason, the tests get mixed up, and suddenly you’re home free. These things happen so think glass half full.

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