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Does a Well-Designed Orthodontic Office Reflect the Quality of the Practice?




 Orthodontist demonstrating work on denturesEverybody succumbs to a dental problem at some point in their lives. This means everyone would visit an orthodontist’s office at least once. If you need to make an appointment for orthodontic treatment, you would consider a number of factors. 

You would consider the reputation of the orthodontist, price, and experience of the staff. But an orthodontist’s office design can also say a lot about their practice. A well-designed office will make your visit smoother and memorable. 
5 Design Features That Highlight the Quality of Practice 
     1. A Kid-Friendly Office
A visit to the dentist is a scary experience for everyone, especially children. If the office seems very clinical and unfriendly, your kid might make every excuse not to go there.
The design of your orthodontist’s office matters a lot when it comes to kids. Check if the office has a kids’ area which has games or other forms of entertainment. Is there a television or some reading material to keep them from getting bored? 
If the child feels comfortable going to the orthodontic office, it will make the process a lot whole easier. 
     2. Technology Used in the Office 
Imagine going to the dentist office and you see tech from 20 years back. It’ll feel like a horror movie!
When you are seeking advanced orthodontics, it is critical that the office has high tech devices.  Generally, you would have to visit the orthodontist multiple times. If the clinic is high tech, you can be sure of getting the best orthodontic treatment every time you visit.  
3. Efficiency of the Workflow
The workflow in the clinic should be efficient. 
Imagine having multiple waiting rooms and one receptionist trying to multi-task everything. It would be nothing short of a disaster. You will get impatient and irritated. 
The office should be designed in a way that makes it easy for you to get in and out as quickly as possible. Check out the size of the examination rooms, the layout of the office and how big the waiting area is.
If you notice that the office provides good customer service, you can be confident of going to that practice. 
     4. Personality of the Office 
The orthodontic office design should exude some personality. 
Nobody wants to sit in a room with dull and plain walls. It would be an anxious experience for you, especially your child.
The office design must reflect the personality of the staff working there. A good design allows you to focus on something and not worry about the impending treatment 
     5. Privacy 
You would be exchanging private information with your orthodontist and you wouldn’t want everyone to hear that. 
The office must have separate public and private spaces. Check if the office has special consultation rooms where you can talk privately. There should be privacy check-in and check-out for the sharing of personal information. 
Gone are those days when all waiting rooms looked the same and felt uncomfortable. More and more orthodontists are putting effort into designing their office that feels welcoming and calming for all the patients.  
     6. Include Experienced Staff
If you’re in the healthcare industry, you must make sure that you’re equipped with experienced staff. Having skilled staff will help you deliver great services to all your patients. You need a staff that has had prior experience of working at a dental office. 
This ensures a smooth transition for them from their previous workplace to your office. An experienced staff will be extra careful when they assist you during treatment and will know exactly how to interact with patients.
Author Bio
Emily TaylorEmily Taylor found the perfect fit for herself as the Online Marketing Manager at Thurman Orthodontics in Fresno CA as she believes that a great smile does more than just make a person look great – it makes them feel great as well. The power of a smile has always been a mystery to Emily and she loves researching and writing about it.
She loves to write about everything to do with a healthy bite and a beautiful smile - whether is it ways to achieve it or the importance of it in the various aspects of life. What brings a big smile on Emily’s face is her family and surfing. She also likes to bake and her children and co-workers call her the cookie fairy!


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