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Everything You Need to Know about Penis Enlargement Surgery




An operating theater

It’s been claimed by marketers that vacuum devices, lotions, pills, and extenders help in increasing penis size, but the question remains, do these methods for penis enlargement work? It’s not a secret that men worry about penis size, which is why there is a multimillion-dollar male enhancement or penis enlargement industry. If you’re worried about penis size and are considering penis enlargement surgeries, we are going to check out the side effects and effectiveness of the different methods of penis enlargement. We’ll also discuss the average girth and length of a penis, and when should a person see their doctor.
Is It Possible to Increase Penis Size?
A lot of men that want to try penis enlargement treatments have penises that are normal-sized, meaning they are sized adequately for urination and sexual activity. Manufacturers make the bold claim that stretching devices and products such as pills and creams can increase the size of the penis, and some people even consider SLE penile enlargement surgeries
However, it has been found by the Urology Care Foundation that none of the methods marketed today work for penis enlargement. We’ll look at some of the popular penis enlargement methods to find out if the evidence backs it up.
  • Traction Devices
These are meant to stretch the penile tissue to increase the penis length. The device is placed on a flaccid penis by the individual to lengthen it gently. A scientific review in 2010 found that penile extenders are the best method for lengthening your penis, and it may even work better than penile surgery. The results of traction devices have been examined by numerous studies with different results. It was found in some results that the device managed to increase penis lengthen by nearly 1 to 3 centimeters. 
The participants had to wear the devices for around 4 to 6 hours every day in the trials, and they had to wear the device for 9 hours a day in one trial. Researchers also investigated if the use of traction devices before and after penile surgery improved the outcome. There is limited evidence about traction devices, and determining their effectiveness and safety requires more research.
  • Vacuum Devices
Vacuum devices include tubes that are placed over the penis, and a vacuum is created when air is pumped out, which causes the penis to swell as blood is drawn into the penis. Vacuum devices are used by men to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence. There isn’t any scientific evidence that suggests this device may increase penis size.
  • Lotions and Pills
A lot of creams and pills claim to help increase penis size, and mostly contain different hormones, herbs, minerals, or vitamins. There isn’t any scientific evidence that they enhance penis size.
  • Penis Surgery
Penis enlargement surgery has two main types. The first is penile augmentation, where fat cells are injected into the penis, to increase length, and girth of the penis. It is a risky procedure, and side effects include distortion and swelling of the penis, and the penis may need to be removed if the side effects are too severe. There is another penile augmentation technique will involve adding fat cells taken from somewhere else on the body and putting it on the penis. The method may add 2.40 to 2.65 cm to the penis on average after a year and is a less invasive procedure.
However, the penis may lose somewhere between 20% to 80% of the volume after a year, which means you’ll need to get multiple surgeries to obtain the result you want.
Suspensory ligament release is the second main type of penis surgery, where the ligament will anchor the penis in the pelvic area and will support it in an erection. The surgeon will cut the ligament to change the penis angle, which will make it appear longer. Suspensory ligament release is known to increase flaccid penis length by 1 to 3 cm, but satisfaction rates for patients and partners are low. Penetration becomes difficult due to the lack of support in an erection.
The American Urological Association has stated publicly that the penile augmentation surgery isn’t effective or safe.
The Average Penis Size
Penises come in different sizes and shapes and can considerably vary. A study in 2014 involving 15,522 men found that:
  • The average size of a flaccid penis was 3.66” (9.31 cm) in girth and 3.61” (9.16 cm) long.
  • The average size of an erect penis was 4.59” (11.66 cm) in girth and 5.16” (13.12 cm) long.
The authors of the study estimated that 5% of men have erect penises longer than 16 cm.
When Should Surgery be Considered?
Surgery is only deemed necessary in the medical community if a person is suffering from a condition known as micro-penis. It is a term the describes a penis, which is 7.5 cm or shorter when it is stretched.
Side Effects and Risks of Penis Enlargement
There are several side effects that can be caused by penis enlargement surgery, which include infection and swelling. In some instances, the penis may need to be removed due to the severity of the side effects. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by surgery. Apart from that, your penile tissues can be damaged by overuse of a vacuum pump, which will result in weaker erections.
Tips for Improving Sex Life
Negative feelings about the size of a penis and disrupt the enjoyment of a person. It should be noted that penis enlargement methods don’t work, but you can get counseling to build self-esteem and correct any distorted ideas about your body image. You can also trim your pubic hair to make your penis appear larger, while your penis may look smaller due to all the extra weight you’re carrying around the belly.
When to See a Doctor
You should talk with your doctor if you’re suffering from a condition known as penile dysmorphophobia disorder (PDD). This disorder has two types, both involve underestimating the size of your penis constantly and overestimating the sizes of other penises. This can cause you to suffer from sexual dysfunction, sexual anxiety, and feelings of depression. Some people with the disorder may even struggle to get or maintain an erection and they don’t experience sexual satisfaction.

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