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Finding Out What’s All Involved For Non-Dot Drug Testing




Varied Pills In Man's Hands

As a child, I, unfortunately, grew up in a not so pleasant house-hold, one that had 2 alcoholic parents and no straight path to follow an example of. Praise the Lord my granny came to the rescue and guided my brother and me in the right direction or we might not have ended up where we are today.

Abusing a substance,, no matter the choice of product is detrimental not only to yourself but to all those around you. Physically for sure, mentally a battle, but worst of all, emotionally. It puts a strain on relationships, breaks up families and happy homes and in more cases than we ever want to hear, passing away of a loved one. The latter I had the unpleasantness of experiencing. 

However, this does not have to be the case, you do not have to go down that route or tolerate, whether at home or your place of work. Especially so if that company is yours, and the person or people in question are your staff.

Taking action will not only benefit them but also take back control of the quality of service your business offers and hopefully give them the help and support they might need. 

So how do you check for drugs or substance abuse in the office without causing a scene, not making the people scared or embarrassed and in a discreet professional manner? Well, you let the experts take charge and handle this delicate situation on your behalf. 

If you aren’t sure where to begin, then check out the non DOT drug screen for quality of service you can rely on from a reputable company with years of experience in the industry. It may a friend or colleague you have become fond of so taking care of it yourself might make things awkward, helping them from a distance is a good option.

How To Choose A Company To Do Checks For Substance Abuse In The Office?

You are certainly going to want a company that professionally handles themselves when conducting business on your behalf, one that knows that discretion is key and not letting outsiders become aware of what is taking place.

Next, and while this may seem like a no brainer there have been incidents where this was over-looked, is to make sure that your samples and tests are being done in a lab that has not only been legalized up to regulated standards but that has staff who are certified in performing the necessary tests and recording the data.

Lastly, a company that can offer extra features is always a bonus, things like quick turn-around of results or mobile testing so you don’t need employees traveling all over the place and missing work. You can have them set up at the back of the building and it’s all safe and secure.

Beer Bottles At SunsetAs much as it is to have fun after work with the boys having a few drinks and a laugh, taking it into all hours of the morning and then trying to function at work the next day is not a good idea. Take a minute to read this blog on what people think about the topic and their opinions when it comes to detecting it or not.
For starters your head is likely to be banging like a drum, you’ll be taking your irritation out on other members of staff and the energy you will put into your work that day is without a doubt going to be less than efficient.
3 Benefits Of Having Drug Tests In The Workplace.
  • Productivity. If staff are intoxicated in any way chances are they are not going to be able to focus, never mind completing the tasks required for the day. They need to have a clear mind ready to tackle the day’s duties.
  • Absences. These will significantly decrease if everyone is reasonably fit and well, no hangover excuses phoning in or not even bothering to show up.
  • Help. You can fine-tune into those people who do have problems and get them the support to overcome the habit.
Don’t ever feel guilty about performing random drug tests on staff, this is your company, your name on the line, and of anything is stopping that name from becoming great, they have to go.

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